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Ren Höek is a scrawny "asthma-hound" Chihuahua with a floppy body, donkey-like ears, neon-pink eyes with dark red pupils, red (or sometimes light brown) eyelids, and a fairly long, rat-like, pink tail who often calls Stimpy an idiot ("eediot", to quote the character) and slaps him around, quite literally. Ren is vain, spiteful, hyperactive, abusive, and he has a short fuse (especially with Stimpy). His lifelong ambitious personality is to have huge pectoral muscles. Ren's name is the real name of Kricfalusi's building manager. He was born on Tuesday the 17th, which makes him especially unlucky in Ren and Stimpy.

Why He Rocks

  1. Although he's very mean, violent, short-tempered, dyspeptic, and abusive to his friend Stimpy, Ren has shown to be nice, sympathetic, and considerate to him. Sometimes, he even has a good and sometimes comedic reason to be annoyed with him, cause Stimpy can be a total "eediot" sometimes.
  2. With that said, Ren can also be the voice of reason in order to prevent Stimpy from being persuaded into doing unnecessary stuff like wasting so much money into a Salve in order to set a balance for him with what he likes to buy since he already spent 12,000 payments for the super-vacuum in the episode "To Salve and to Salve Not".
  3. His lines are hilarious like "YOU EEDIOT!", "You sick little monkey!", "You fat bloated eediot!", and even his famous laugh.
  4. He is amazingly voiced by John Kricfalusi (originally) and Billy West (in later seasons like in the Games Animations era).
  5. Speaking of humor, lots of moments with his comedic sociopathy, snarks, insanity, and violence can range from comical to hilarious.
  6. Given that he is a Chihuahua (a fairly intelligent breed) it works off quite well since Ren is not only intelligent but definitely very cunning and sophisticated [in spite of his insanity]. Compared to many cartoon dogs, he was quite unique.
  7. His psychopathic personality is better here than that horrid Adult Party Cartoon version of him because he wasn't a Complete Monster in the original era.
  8. His expressions are quite funny varied.

Bad Qualities

  1. His character design is confusing (along with the titular Stimpy and some other side-characters). It's hard to tell what he is at all. He's supposed to be a Chihuahua, but he look's more like a skinned rabbit with a distorted face or a very slim, hairless cat (ironically enough), a rat or a weasel.
  2. Even in bad episodes of Ren & Stimpy (like in Seasons 3-half to 5), he can be incredibly unlikable with being very self-absorbed & unpleasant. He can even be an Butt-Monkey for the unfair reasons in Season 4 with episodes like:
    • Superstitious Stimpy, when Ren in his pleasant presence kept trying to prove Stimpy that superstitions weren't real since he doesn't believe in them, as a such he was a utter fall-guy and gets put through so much pain by being beat up throughout the whole episode (even when Stimpy tries helping him with getting rid of his bad luck in 7 minutes into the episode, but it backfires horribly in the end.)
    • He was also a punching bag in Season 4. Ren can even be both problems from the original seasons and the worst of the series combined in Seasons 4 to 5 like in the infamous Aloha Hoek were he dies at the end of that episode.
    • And in the It's A Dog's Life episode, both Ren and Stimpy were put through a lot pain, but Ren gets it worse than Stimpy (To a which were both in contrast to what his much more & well-known flanderized version and just his flanderized version when irritatingly self-absorbed in the original series actually warranted the Butt-Monkey status or heck, even an Chew-Toy status compared to his much more likable counterpart).
  3. With this in mind, in his non-flanderization seasons of 1 to 3, Ren can be incredibly disturbing at times and can also sometimes be a Butt-Monkey for the wrong reasons like in "Dog Show" for example, where he was always treated poorly along with Stimpy and were both forced to be into that dog show by the utterly irresponsible George Liquor.
  4. Speaking of which, he became out of character in the Adult Party Cartoon version.