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Rashek,also known as The Lord Ruler, a major character in the Mistborn series, written by Brandon Sanderson.  He only appears in the first book, Mistborn:  The Final Empire, and the companion novella, Mistborn:  Secret History, but is referenced in books 2 and 3, and even some of the books in the Wax and Wayne series.  He is the main antagonist of The FInal Empire, but is a posthumous protagonist in The Hero of Ages.   He was an immortal emperor who tried to protect humanity from the evil deity Ruin.  While he had good intentions for humanity, he used cruel and vicious methods to rule his empire and subjugate his citizens. It is implied however, that many of his crueler actions were influenced by Ruin.  

Why He Rocks

  • Even though you don't seem him that much--in fact, he isn't shown in person for the first time until towards the end of the first book--he still manages to come off as incredibly badass and intimidating, due to his actions, his lack of dialogue, his dialogue being incredible when he does have some, and just how overpowered that he is.  
  • He not only possesses Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Himelurgy, but is also immortal.  That, combined with the armies of Steel Inquisitors which are eternally loyal to him, makes him unbelievably overpowered, and almost impossible for Kelsier's crew to kill.  
  • While he has done lost of crew and immoral acts, he's still sympathetic because hsi intentions were ultimately noble, as he wanted to save the world from the God Ruin, who sought to destroy it.  
  • Not only that, but it's hinted at in the books that many of his most cruel acts may have been due to the influence of Ruin.  
  • Even after his death at the end of The Final Empire, his presence is still felt throughout the rest of the original trilolgy, and he actually becomes a posthemous protagonist of The Hero of Ages.  
  • He's even referenced several times in the Wax and Wayne series, which takes place around 300 years after the orignal trilogy ended, because there's still a religion on Sacdrial which worships Rashek and the Final Empire that he once ruled over.  


  • Let the executions begin!  
  • God cannot be killed. God cannot be overthrown. Your rebellion—you think I haven't seen its like before? You think I haven't destroyed entire armies on my own? What will it take before you people stop questioning? How many centuries must I prove myself before you idiot skaa see the truth? How many of you must I kill!  
  • You don't know what I do for mankind. I was your god, even if you couldn't see it. By killing me, you have doomed yourselves...


  • He is aware of the possibility of life on other planets in the cosmere, but has no interest or experience in leaving Scadrial. If he so wished, he could have left Scadrial during his Ascension.  
  • If he had joined the Knights Radiant, he would most likely have been in the Order of Skybreakers.  
  • He didn't destroy Alendi's logbook because Ruin manipulated his nostalgia in order to keep the book around.  
  • Although it wasn't necessary for the process of atium Compounding, Rashek intentionally stayed aged at times in spite of that fact.  
  • Rashek has used his metals enough to become nearly a savant, if not a full savant, in every area.  

All Appearances

  • Mistborn:  The Final Empire (2006)
  • Mistborn:  The Well of Ascension (2007)
  • Mistborn:  The Hero of Ages (2008)
  • Mistborn:  The Alloy of Law (2011) (referenced)
  • Mistborn:  Shadows of Self (2015) (referenced)
  • Mistborn:  The Bands of Mourning (2016) (referenced)
  • Mistborn:  Secret History (2016)