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Raphael in the 2003 TV series is voiced by Greg Abbey. He is known as the strongest and the toughest of the four brothers.

Why He Rocks

  1. He’s the most serious, strongest and confident of the Turtles as he takes ninjitsu and fighting very seriously when it comes to protecting New York City from evil-doers as although Leonardo is better when it comes to being skilled, Raphael has shown to be the stronger Turtle thanks to the fact that he always wants to fight any bad guys who make him pissed.
  2. He has a brave, bold, loyal and determined personality and though very strict and serious, he’s shown also to have a caring side as he hates to see his family in danger and would sacrifice himself. Even if it results in him being killed.
  3. His anger attitude is always entertaining especially towards Michelangelo. Although he can be angry too much, he at least has a reason to be pissed mainly because of the fact that Michelangelo may irritate him or if another person harmed anyone that is close to him. Most notably, when Leonardo was badly bruised and beaten, his anger is right.
  4. His voice actor, Greg Abbey, does a great job voicing him with an excellent Brooklyn type accent. Likewise, whenever he sounds Angry makes things just as great if not even better.
  5. His animated design looks awesome as it represents an awesome comic book design that the Mirage Version had. His design in Seasons 6-7 isn't two bad either and resembles him just fine despite a few changes.
  6. He was at his best in both "Enter the Dragons" and in Turtles Forever as his heroic behavior is excellent as he helps to save the world twice.
  7. He saw a lot of character development as the series progressed, especially around Season 3-4 where we see how his anger begins to tone down and he seems to behave more and more. Although he can still have anger issues, they can come as reasonable for the most part.
  8. Like Leonardo, his fights are very entertaining to watch as his fights with the Purple Dragons, Agent Bishop and obviously, The Shredder can come off as awesome to watch.