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Rainbow Dash is a female Pegasus pony and one of the main characters in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She maintains the weather and clears the skies in Ponyville. As a huge fan of the Wonderbolts, she becomes a reservist member of the elite flying group in Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 and a full member in Newbie Dash. In Sonic Rainboom, Rarity and Princess Celestia both declare that she is the best flier in all of Equestria. 

Why She's Great

  1. She is the Element of Loyalty, and portrays it well in almost any moment, especially when she turned down a potentially big chance to be a famous flyer for her friends.
  2. She has one of the coolest designs in the show.
  3. Her competitiveness is admirable, as she is shown to be very fast and wins almost every race she takes part in, one victory even granting her with her cutie mark back when she was a filly.
  4. She is very passionate and works her hardest to achieve her goals and dreams.
  5. Her quote "20% cooler" became a popular meme in the brony community.
  6. She once claimed that she loves winning, but she loves her friends "waaay more".
  7. She is extremely confident in herself and her physical abilities.
  8. She also has a fun and mischievous side to her, like on Nightmare Night.
  9. Uncommon for a character of her shtick, she adores reading.
  10. There is a funny recurring gag in the show with Rainbow Dash being obsessed with cider.
  11. She is an exceptional fighter, and this is shown multiple times in the show, including the invasion of the Changelings.
  12. Her voice actress, Ashleigh Ball, portrays her character exceptionally well.
  13. Realism in her character. Sometimes, she shows some signs of insecurity and self-consciousness about her image.

Bad Qualities

  1. She once stated that she hates losing, making her a little too competitive.
  2. She is known well for being a jerk, or very egotistic.
  3. She is sometimes unintentionally mean-spirited and comes off as unlikable sometimes, once calling Spike a "lame dragon", causing him to become very insecure about himself and even leave home.
  4. She can be very jealous at times, like when Mare Do Well became the new hero of Ponyville.



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