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"Never saw that one coming?"

Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) is a superhero with superspeed and Scarlet Witch’s twin brother.

Why He Rocks

  1. He’s basically Marvel’s answer to the Flash, however, unlike the Flash, Quicksilver has more depth to him and struggles in his life, such as living with mental disabilities and illnesses.
  2. Due to having mental disabilities, he’s shown as being child-like and likes to play around but is serious when needed. He also has other effects due to the disabilities, such as having poor judgement, inability to make a lot of decisions for himself, not being fully independent (he can’t cook for himself and in comics, he can’t tie his own shoes), tends throw temper tantrums when things don’t go his way, displays rather questionable behavior out in public (such as stripping when agitated over a broken leg and bringing his pet turtle to the diner and putting him on the table in the Quicksilver: No Surrender comics. His odd behaviors even put him in prison once in the comics), he does things and doesn’t know the consequences to his actions (such as saying something offensive to other people) and when told off, he cries, and has a hard time making and keeping relationships. This portrayal is very accurate to someone who has these disabilities and in comics, it’s portrayed in a positive light. His disabilities may make his life hard but he doesn’t let them hold him down, he’s a good hero and is well-respected. He’s also shown to be under the care of Tony Stark in the comics and uses his sister as a guide and moral support.
  3. His reaction to Magda, his mother walking in on him watching TV is priceless, he acts like a child who has been caught watching something inappropriate, as as soon as she walks in, he quickly flips the channel and plays Pac-Man.
  4. Quicksilver has high metabolism due to his superspeed, however, whenever he gets something to eat, he always grabs unhealthy foods such as cake, candy, cookies, pizza, soda, burgers, and hotdogs. His eating habits, although unhealthy, are funny and spawned a few memes.
  5. Quicksilver can have some funny moments.
  6. In the comics, he gives Ms. Marvel a Christmas present at the Avengers Christmas Party despite her being Islamic and not celebrating Christmas. He has a really big smile on his face as he presents it to her. It shows that Quicksilver cares about people loves handing out Christmas gifts on Christmas and includes everyone despite their race and religion.
  7. Quicksilver also has a heart for animals, he loves them and will save them, he will stop to save an animal distress while on a mission if he sees one in danger.
  8. Although Quicksilver wasn’t the best father, he loves his daughter, Luna and plays with her and gets very worried when she’s in danger and will stop at nothing until she’s safe. She also appeared in his loneliness-induced hallucinations while in prison.
  9. He also not only has the ability to run fast but his brain works fast too. He can learn A LOT by reading at remarkable speeds and he’s very intelligent.
  10. Quicksilver often talks to himself in the comics and some of the stuff he says himself are hilarious, other times, he talks about Jesus and it’s often very poetic. He is Christian and would sometimes be shown praying when he’s distressed.

Bad Qualities

  1. Due to his mental disabilities, Quicksilver has done some very questionable acts, such as tearing people down, almost splitting up the Avengers once, and exposing his daughter to the mists because she doesn’t have powers and this disappoints him. However, a lot of the time, it’s part of ignorance and making poor decisions.
  2. He used to steal, mainly, because he was homeless and didn’t have any money. But he still owns his stolen items and never returned them to their owners.
  3. Quicksilver’s arrogance sometimes gets the best of him and it puts him bad situations, such as getting his girlfriend, Synapse in danger.
  4. He threw a temper tantrum and called Vision a toaster when he found out that Vision was marrying Wanda, mainly because he’s Christian and it’s against his beliefs but that’s not a reason to shout down his sister for loving Vision.


  • Quicksilver was in a Carls Jr. commercial eating an egg sandwich.
  • He is one of the more obscure Marvel heroes and is lesser known to the fanbase.