Princess Jeanette is the female protagonist of the 1932 film Love Me Tonight. She's a princess whose husband had died three years prior to the film and she couldn't find a good replacement for him.

She was portrayed by Jeanette MacDonald.

Why She Rocks

  1. Jeanette MacDonald pulls off another great performance as her titular character.
  2. She has a beautiful singing voice as shown in "Lover" and her verse of "Isn't It Romantic".
  3. Despite being a princess, she's pretty feisty and independent. As shown with her hunting and horseback riding skills and the fact that she's able to handle herself pretty well.
  4. Her occasional faint spells are stable but still nice little comedy moments.
  5. Character development: She initially tried to stay away from Maurice due to his naïve personality and being too selfless, but she eventually realizes that he was a good fit for her and truly loved him leading to a powerful finale that proved how far she had gone.
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