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Sheldon James Plankton (Or commonly known as Plankton), born November 30, 1942, is the tetartagonist / antihero and the former main antagonist of the hit Nickelodeon animated series, SpongeBob SquarePants.

Why He Rocks

  1. He is one of the funniest Nicktoons TV villains ever created, just like another great villain that isn't from Nickelodeon.
  2. He has many memorable quotes such as "I went to college!" or "Not when I shift into maximum overdrive!"
  3. Unlike Mr. Krabs, all that Plankton wants is to have his own restaurant cares for his own customers, even if he tries to steal Mr. Krabs's Secret Formula. Although in some occasions, he wants to rule the world, considering he embraces evil.
  4. Plankton is very experienced with science and technology.
  5. In the episode F.U.N., he and SpongeBob got along well as well as the Sponge Out Of Water movie. Heck, Plankton even wants SpongeBob to come back home in the Sponge on the Run movie.
  6. Plankton acts as the deuteragonist of SpongeBob: Out of the Water and SpongeBob: Sponge on the Run, which is showing that he doesn't always wants to be evil.
  7. When having his restaurant going in business, he doesn't care about money, he cares about the customers unlike his arch-enemy Mr. Krabs.
  8. He had shown to have good chemistry with Sandy in the episode "Perfect Chemistry".
  9. When the show declined during seasons 6-8, he and Gary the Snail were the most likable and least flanderized of the main cast.
  10. Plankton is quite a wonderful father at times, like when attempting to save his son Chip II.
  11. Although he embraces being evil and selfish, he does possess much better personality traits than Mr. Krabs. He values the well-being of those he befriends or in relationship, such as his wife Karen, his pet Spot, and even SpongeBob of all people. He is even willing to help SpongeBob and his friends geniuinely when not having a hidden agenda (usually stealing the formula).
  12. He can be a menacing and intimidating villain in occasions such as the first movie, where he succesfully takes over Bikini Bottom, or his debut appearance with his controlling of SpongeBob.
  13. Plankton's miniscule appearance coupled with his Napoleon complex makes for some recurring hilarious slapstick gags, such as being stomped by people like a bug.
  14. He often has quite a snarky attitude and his remarks can be funny enough.
  15. His screams, provided by Mr. Lawrence, are hilarious to hear.
  16. He's still likable in Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years, for being a good chef at Kamp Koral, and he meets a young SpongeBob while working with Karen. He also tasted a Krabby Patty, which he loved very much and inspired him to become the charming and funny villain in the original series and steal the secret formula.
  17. He's still likable in The Patrick Star Show, as he's still a charming and funny villain.

Bad Qualities

  1. As said above, he is often mean-spirited and obnoxious towards the kindness of others. Again, because he is evil, he's supposed to be that way.
    • He was very unlikable in "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy", because he robbed, humiliated, and got Sandy arrested in that episode.
    • In "Welcome to the Chum Bucket", he neglected SpongeBob's feelings and fails to show him compassion and understanding so he can make a Krabby Patty, meaning he's not only mean-spirited, he was also stupid.
  2. His obsession with stealing the secret formula from Krabs often leads to a strained relationship with his wife, Karen.
  3. Like Wile E. Coyote, he can be quite the punching bag in a predictably incompetent fashion when he typically fails at his schemes and the constant, running gag of Plankton's ineptitude with his rivalry against The Krusty Krab does get a bit stale towards viewers.
    • He almost killed himself in the infamous Season 7 episode "One Coarse Meal" because of his fear of whales. Thankfully, he overcame his fear of whales in later episodes.
  4. His short temper often leads to Karen's frustration and his failings.
  5. He can be childish and whiny at times.
  6. He is at times selfish and he tried to get rid of his son.


  • In a theory based on SpongeBob and his friends representing "The 7 Deadly Sins", Plankton is considered to be the "Envy" as several examples were shown in many episodes that always shows how determined Plankton was with getting the better of Krabs for his success at The Krusty Krab.
  • He was born on November 30, 1942 making him a Sagittarius.