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Hi! Thank you for having me on the Great Characters Wiki! My name is Pinkamena Diane Pie, but my friends call me Pinkie Pie. I'm a super duper party pony who bakes at the Sugar Cube Corner, where I live on the second floor with my toothless pet alligator, Gummy, and I represent the Element of Laughter! I'm the source for my show's cartoon gags and jokes!

Why I'm Great! (pun intended)

  1. I represent the Element of Laughter because I learned to banish fear by giggling in its face!
  2. I put on the most greatest and amazing-est parties in all of Equestria, but don't just take my word for it!
  3. I love to welcome new faces to Equestria by throwing them a big welcome party!
  4. There's genuinely nothing I like more than to make ponies smile and laugh.
  5. I perform hilarious cartoon gags, like my iconic 4th wall awareness!
  6. One of the best pieces of art in my arsenal is my party cannon!! I used it to decorate a room for a party in only a matter of seconds!
  7. I'm cute! Well, that's what the human race seems to think.
  8. I've come a long way since my time at the rock farm. The Sonic Rainboom put a sense of excitement into my life, which made me into the pony I am today!
  9. I'm not oblivious to feelings! For example, Maud Pie seems emotionless, but really, she's one of the most emotional ponies I know.
  10. I'm a very musical pony! Have you seen me play 10 instruments at once?! I even used my musical ability to drive away the Parasprites.
  11. I'm a competent chef and I make pretty mean cupcakes, if I do say so myself.
  12. I have a cool ability called "Pinkie Sense", where I can predict nearby events. It's really useful!
  13. I have a great memory, and I have memorized every single pony's birthday in Ponyville.
  14. I get referenced in numerous media! My favorite reference was in Deadpool 2!

Bad Qualities

  2. I think I disturbed my fans with the way I acted in Party of One. :(
  3. My friends don't really take me seriously because I have a light attitude in serious situations, like when I stopped to drink the chocolate rain before we turned Discord to stone. But come on, it was delicious!


  • It's crazy hard to sing with my voice!
  • My character was inspired by some super old pony named Surprise!
  • On Twitter, my creator corrected the misconception that me and Mabel Pines are twins. :3
  • My Pinkie Promise is the Christian-friendly version of the real thing!
  • I happened to meet Deadpool on this wiki! He's a nice guy!

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