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Phoebe Monica Rachel Thunderman is the protagonist of The Thundermans along with her twin brother Max Thunderman. Her superhero name is ThunderGirl. Phoebe is portrayed by Kira Kosarin. Phoebe truly shines as a good character in the final season.

Why She Rocks Now

  1. Phoebe has become likable in the final season, going from a standard nerdy, girly teenager to a more flawed, but cool and unique young woman who puts more time with her family and crime fighting than usual teenager stuff.
  2. Just like her brother, she becomes more mature in the final season, being a more responsible family member than in the first 3 seasons, as her mischief and willingness to get want she wants has been toned down a lot, and she now gets rightfully punished for anything bad she did during the final season.
  3. She is more of a superhero during the final season, as she fights a good amount of crime, and toning down her time with teenager drama and her friends to a passable level.
  4. She and Max are better influences on Billy, Nora and Chloe, thanks to how much better people they’ve become.
  5. She manages to grow closer to her family and friends, especially Max, and loves them very much.
  6. She and Max have a better sibling chemistry, as she gives him his well deserved respect, and she cares about him very much.
  7. She’s no longer a control freak, as she lets her brother speak out, seeing that he is better at some things than she is, and admitting to her flaws, like when she was too controlling. This shows good character growth, as she knows she can’t be Mrs. Perfect, and that making a few mistakes is a part of life, which is another reason why she is much more likable in this season.
  8. Her Mary Sue-ish traits are gone in this season, as she is rightfully portrayed in the wrong when she makes a mistake.
  9. Her age from 17 to 19 in this season fits her look more better.
  10. This is because Kira Kosarin was age 16-20 at the time the series was aired, and before it was weird that she looked like an adult when she was supposed to be 14-16.
  11. Speaking of Kira Kosarin, she does a much better job playing as her in Season 4.
  12. She is still pretty cute.
  13. She was at her best in "The Thunder Games". Her battle with Max was EPIC, and it was sweet that she let her brother win. She was also very touched that he quit Z-force to come back and save her and their family from The Gamer, and that lead to she and Max’s twin power being featured, which defeated The Gamer. Thanks to her brother’s actions, Dirk Turbo was fired for his selfishness and replaced by the Thundermans, which is great considering the fact that she and her family have become better characters.

The Only Bad Quality

  • She was very unlikable in the first 3 seasons.