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"Daddy loves you, but daddy also loves Star Trek, and in all fairness, Star Trek was here first."

—Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is the titular main protagonist of the Family Guy franchise, serving as the titular main protagonist of the long-running adult-animated comedy television series, Family Guy, the titular tritagonist of Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story and a minor character in The Cleveland Show.

A portly father from Rhode Island who's an immature, dim-witted, outspoken, eccentric alcoholic, working hard hours at a toy factory. He is, among other things, the husband of Lois Griffin, the father of Meg, Chris and Stewie Griffin, and the owner/caretaker of Brian Griffin.

He is created and voiced by Seth MacFarlane, using a voice that sounds like Archie Bunker, only whinier.

Why He Rocked

  1. He’s a very caring father to Meg, Chris and Stewie and well-meaning husband to Lois.
  2. He has shown to be great friends towards Brian, Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland.
  3. Even though he has his flaws and wrong doings, he‘s shown to learn from his mistakes.
  4. He has many, MANY funny moments.
  5. Seth McFarlane does a fantastic job at providing his voice.
  6. He’s a lot more understanding then he appears to be. He quite usually will learn something at the end of an episode and will realize the error of his ways in that episode. Much of these moral realizations he learns tend to be family-oriented such as how much Lois really means to him and how he regrets risking away their relationship.
  7. He spawned many hilarious memes, a good example is the “You know what really grinds my gears?....” meme.
  8. Even when Peter is doing something that’s idiotic or ridiculous, it’ll still come off as hilarious.
  9. His nasal "Heheheheheheheh!" is a memorable part of his character.
  10. His fight with Ernie the giant chicken is very entertaining and hilarious, and nothing short of awesome to watch.
    • Even his fight with Homer Simpson was also very unexpected.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. He, along with the rest of his friends and family, was horribly flanderized since Season 8, becoming a sociopathic moron.
    • It also varies whether he was in character or not in Seasons 6-7, depending on episodes such as Long John Peter or Play It Again, Brian.
    • Likewise, he does have some unlikable moments before Season 8, like in Fore, Father, he traded away Chris.