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Penelope is a supporting character in the video game franchise Sly Cooper, only appearing in Sly 3:  Honor Among Thieves.  The gang recruits her for the Cooper Vault job  due to her technical specality when it comes to RC vehicles.  But to do so, they had to defeat her boss, the Black Baron, at his own game, dogfighting; but once they won, it was revelaed that Penelope was the Black Baron, and she joins the crew.  At first she has a crush on Sly Cooper, but eventually forms a relationship with Bentley.  

Why She Rocks

  1. Adorable character design.  
  2. It's a lot of fun to play as her RC Chopper and RC Car, and you play as her some of the most times of any of the new Cooper Gang members.  
  3. Great voice acting.  
  4. There's proper build up to her relationship with Bentley, it doesn't come otu of nowhere.  
  5. Her crush on Sly is really cute.  
  6. What's even more cute and likable though is her relationship with Bentley.  

Bad Qualities

  1. Her addition to the gang seemed kind of pointless.  In Sly 2, Bentley already had an RC Chopper, there's no reason he couldn't have rebuilt it, and built an RC Car.  She was just added because they wanted more members to the Cooper Gang.  
  2. You can never play with her personally, outside of the boss fight with LeFwee, but you can't roam around any of hte worlds with her.  
  3. In Sly 4, they make her evil for no reason, which is the most insulting thing they could have done to such a great character.  


  • Penelope is the only member in Sly 3 who doesn't finish a job with her 'Job Complete' screen in the episode she joins the Cooper Gang in.
  • Despite being a mouse, Penelope lacks a tail in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. Her design has a tail in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.
  • During animated cutscenes in Thieves in Time, her hair appears as a light-orange color. However, it is still full-blond during gameplay. She also has glasses in gameplay and a safety goggles in animated cutscenes.
  • She is the only member of the Cooper Gang to later betray it.
    • Neyla, although she helped the gang and betrayed them, was not an official member, so she does not count.
  • Her relationship with Bentley can be considered ironic since turtles can eat mice.
  • She is one of two characters positively known to have escaped from prison (along with Dimitri Lousteau).[note 1]
  • According to some concept art for Thieves in Time, Penelope was supposed to remain a protagonist at one point in development, as confirmed by the scrapped mole character and Penelope's revamped original design.
    • In that same piece of concept art, there is a crazier version of the evil Penelope alongside her current design.
  • Penelope's Thieves in Time outfit bears a striking resemblance to the famous Kill Bill catsuit. All of the members of Le Paradox's gang, except for Toothpick and Miss Decibel (whose designs were changed sometime during development), wear similarly designed clothes.
  • In the Japanese version of Sly 3, Penelope is voiced by Ryouko Shiraishi.
  • In the Finnish dub of Sly Cooper series, Penelope and Carmelita Fox have the same voice-actor, Elise Langenoja.
  • Inside Le Paradox's blimp, to the right of Le Paradox, Penelope's emblem is on one of the pieces of the time machine. If players can catch a glimpse of this emblem in Go West Young Raccoon, it would potentially act as a spoiler for her role in Of Mice and Mechs.
  • Penelope is the only other female character besides Carmelita to appear in more than one main game.
  • Much like how the Panda King and Dimitri turned from evil to good, Penelope is the only character to be a member of Sly's gang also to turn from good to evil. However, her personalities suggest her to be more in line of an anti-hero since she was just using Cyrille Le Paradox.
    • Jean Bison and Dr. M also turned from good to evil, but they were never allied with Sly's gang. Dr. M was allied with Conner's gang, and Bison was just a miner fifty-twoer participating in the Gold Rush before he became a villain.
  • She was the only playable character in the series to only be directly controlled once.
    • Due to the fact that this was a special moment of gameplay, pressing  would do no good at opening Penelope's binocucom. Her RC vehicles also work just like Bentley's do, so she is the only member of the Cooper Gang not to have their binocucom shown.
  • Penelope seems to like the color and/or the word "black" for her disguises, i.e., Black Baron and Black Knight.
  • She is one of three heroic characters in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves to have a somewhat antagonistic role by one or more points in the game, along with Carmelita and the Panda King.[note 2]
  • Penelope is one of three characters to be engaged in a boss fight as both a protagonist and an antagonist, along with the Panda King and Dimitri.
    • If the job Operation: Trojan Tank counts, this brings the total to four, with Murray being the fourth, as he can attack Sly in this job. But this occurs only because Murray is brainwashed.
  • She is the only alive member of Le Paradox's gang not to currently be arrested, as she has already broken out of jail and not been recaptured.  

All Appearances

  • Sly 3:  Honor Among Thieves (2005)
  • Sly Cooper:  Thieves in Time (2013)