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"Hi, I'm Oscar. You may think you know, but you have no idea."
-Oscar, Shark Tale

Oscar is the main protagonist of Shark Tale. He is Angie's boyfriend and co-worker, Lenny's best friend, Lola's ex-boyfriend and the former tongue-scrubber and current co-manager of the Whale Wash.

Why He Rocks

  1. He is energetic, charismatic and optimistic, which makes him an entertaining character to watch.
  2. While he can be egotistical at times, he is pretty much friendly to everyone around him.
    • He is also a cooperative employee, as he cares for the well-being of his co-workers.
  3. He has his funny moments, such as his rap of "Don't worry about a thing".
  4. He has a nurturing side, as he enjoys taking care of the whales at the Whale Wash and treats them with respect.
  5. He deeply values his friendships with Angie, Lenny, the Shorties, Crazy Joe and more.
  6. His desire to be a somebody is sympathetic and relatable, as almost no one respects him and he was bullied as a kid for his father's job at the Whale Wash.
  7. He has decent character development, as he not only tells the truth, but also brings peace to Reef City. He also learns to let go of his insecurities and becomes more humble and confident.
    • Oscar also becomes more diligent, no longer resorting to get-rich-quick schemes and instead works hard to make his own dance club, Club Oscar.
  8. His design makes him stand out.
  9. He is fairly compassionate and open-minded, as he is quick to open up to Lenny and accepts his vegetarianism despite his urge to laugh. He also comforts Lenny when the latter blames himself for his brother Frankie's death.
  10. Oscar is capable of integrity, as he is willing to admit his mistakes and do what is right whenever he finds himself in the wrong. He even gave away his apartment to Crazy Joe, who was originally homeless.
  11. Despite the fact that he lied about being a Sharkslayer, he proves to be courageous, as he manages to take Don Lino down by trapping him in the whale-washing machine.
  12. In the video game, he is even more courageous and is a great fighter against the sharks he encounters.
  13. In Club Oscar, he created a dance club called Club Oscar where fish and sharks can have fun dancing with each other. This shows how committed Oscar is in making an honest, happy life not only for himself, but also for his loved ones.
  14. Will Smith did a good job voicing him.

Bad Qualities

  1. He can be impulsive, clueless, naive, reckless and short-sighted at times.
    • An example of which is when he gambled with 5000 clams that he owes his boss Mr. Sykes at a seahorse race on a seahorse named Lucky Day. In his defense, though, everyone expected Lucky Day to win, so he believed there was nothing to worry about.
    • He also took credit for killing a shark without realizing the following consequences:
      • People would expect him to fight sharks.
      • Said shark likely has family and friends who won't take kindly to his death.
      • He is not a fighter.
    • Due to his own insecurities, he was oblivious to Angie's romantic feelings for him.
    • He is infatuated with Lola despite the fact that she rejects for being a nobody and is only dating him because of his fame and wealth.
  2. After he lied to everyone about killing Frankie, he was shown in a more negative light, as he becomes more selfish, shallow and narcissistic. Luckily, he eventually realizes his mistake.
    • This was unacceptable, since he was too cowardly to do anything like that.
    • The scene where Oscar hides behind Lola when a fish says that there was a shark demonstrates how much of coward he was.
  3. Some people find his design unpleasant to look at.