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"I'm not annoying, I'm an Orange!"
―The Annoying Orange

Orange (also known as the The Annoying Orange, commonly abbreviated as AO, or Real Annoying Orange) is the main character of The Annoying Orange series and in most of the Annoying Orange shorts, as well as the show's lead protagonist. This focus on when He used to be popular and a Viral Video.

Why He Used to Rock

  1. He has Funny and Wacky Jokes (especially to the others like Apple, Pumpkin, Tomato, and more)
  2. Funniests Appearances where He
  3. He has Wonderful 2 Channel such as his Official Channel and Gaming Channel.
  4. He has a Funniest Laugh where he tells jokes to someone and see them getting cutted

The Only Bad Qualities

  1. He can be unlikeable sometimes when the Web-Series went downhill.
  2. His jokes aren't that funny sometimes.