Omega(Kanji: オメガ), also known as Omega Zero is the secondary antagonist and final boss of Mega Man Zero 3.

He is Dr. Weil's servant, created by the Dark Elf. Omega's soul was put on the body of the original Zero, while the original Zero was on a copy of his body. However, his giant armor was created to fuse the Dark Elf.

Originally sealed, both, him and Weil, after Weil awakened, his creation was free too, and started to create destruction. At first, he looked like a empty shell with no personality, but he slowly shows that he's a psychopath with god complex that enjoys murdering people.

Why He Rocks

  1. While not as prolific as Weil or Copy X, he's still a pivotal character to the game, since he existed since the Elf Wars.
  2. His introduction is pretty menacing, defeating Fefnir and Leviathan, showing how powerful he can get, but his introduction is nothing compared to other actions on the game.
  3. Gives a good fight as, both, Starter boss, and final boss.
  4. He shows how ruthless is he to get to Weil's objective.
  5. He's practically the main actraction of the game, considering that Weil does not get as much as screentime.
  6. Like in the introduction, Harpuia tried to defeat him but failed, growing even more powerful.
  7. His three designs are nice and detailed.
  8. His actions resemble much how is he, as he's a robot of few words.
  9. His fight musics, all of the three.
  10. He reappears at Mega Man ZX as a secret boss.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. He's no more than a murderous robot. While his actions and designs can make his character, he lacks of personality and motives, at difference of Dr. Weil or Copy X.
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