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Odie is the pet dog of Jon Arbuckle, the best friend/companion of Garfield and the tritagonist or the Garfield franchise.

Why He Rocks

  1. He’s the polar opposite of Garfield, he’s fun, energetic, kind and sweet.
  2. He’s also very thrill-seeking as he’s always willing to go on (mis)adventures or simply going for a walk.
  3. Much like Snoopy, he’s an incredibly popular cartoon dog that originated from the comics.
  4. His design is well-drawn, cartoony but never the less adorable.
  5. He has a good friendship with Garfield most of the time.
  6. The way he acts and barks like a normal real-life dog but can also be very aware of his surroundings much like Garfield.
  7. He can act very dimwitted, but that only makes him such a funny, entertaining and humorous character to watch.