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"I am royalty."

Noelle Silva is the tritagonist and main heroine of Yuki Tabata's Black Clover. Born from a highly arrogant royal family, she is the second and youngest sister of Nozel, Nebra, and Solid Silva, as well as the fourth and final child of the late Acier Silva, who gave birth shortly before she was killed from the curse by the devil Megicula. Since childhood, she was abused and blatantly disregarded by her siblings, due to her lack of controlling her Water Magic inherited from her father and, according to Nozel, being "responsible" for killing Acier after giving birth. Unlike her siblings, especially her late mother, she ended up to become a member of the lower-ranked Black Bulls instead of her family's Silver Eagles.

Why She Rocks

  1. Unlike her siblings:
    • She holds a great amount of magic power, which is the reason why she was unable to control her magic until she can in later episodes.
    • She only sports cute pigtails (or "Tsundere Tails", due to her personality) instead of an ugly, frizzy hairstyle.
    • She is willing to admit her failures to the Black Bulls after creating an uncontrolled water spell that nearly put herself into unconsciousness.
    • She was greatly influenced by her teammate and crush, Asta, who inspires others with optimism and positivity (see WSR #4).
  2. Between siblings with Water Magic, she finally surpassed her own sadistic brother Solid with her Sea Dragon's Roar against his Sea Serpent Twine during the Royal Knights Selection Exam. TAKE THAT, SOLID!
  3. As of the Elf Reincarnation arc, she finally proved all of her siblings wrong that she controlled her Water Magic and summoned powerful spells such as the Valkyrie Armor inherited from her mother.
  4. Of all members of the Black Bulls, she has a great relationship with Asta despite her hostile tsundere tactics against him.
    • He is the reason why Noelle changed her perspective on people who are far from royal (or "peasants") and was defended by him against her abusive siblings' prejudiced opinions about her.
  5. The Valkyrie Dress, a defensive spell inherited from her mother, is more powerful compared to other Water Creation Magic spells.
  6. Despite every pain caused by her siblings since childhood, she is willing to protect them during the invasion of the House Silva, which is similar to Acier trying to protect Noelle and Nozel from the hands of Megicula, the devil who possessed Vanica years earlier.
  7. As the series progresses, she has a great character development from being an arrogant and weak noblewoman to a courageous and powerful fighter.
  8. Her tragic backstory made the audiences change their original views on Noelle, as she was initially too judgmental to accept her membership of the Black Bulls in her debut. It also made them highly oppose her siblings' discriminatory viewpoints in the War Merits Conferment Ceremony.
  9. After being saved by Asta from her own uncontrolled water spell, she tends to be more comfortable with all of the members of the lower-ranked squad rather than being disgusted by their differences.

Bad Qualities

  1. Despite that she has a crush for Asta, her tsundere tactics (calling him "Bakasta" (or "Stupidsta" in English dub), for example) treat him like crap sometimes.
  2. Prior to her character development, she was an example of an alpha girl. Like her siblings, Noelle retains her arrogant personalities that some audiences find them irritating at times. Nevertheless, she is not as entirely loathsome as Solid and Nebra.
  3. The frequent uses of her own catchphrase (see her quote in the infobox) can be as annoying as Asta's loudmouth personality sometimes.
  4. Despite the fact that they get along well since childhood, she often views her kind-hearted maternal cousin, Mimosa Vermillion, as a "klutz."


  • Aside from Nebra's Mist Magic, which is a derivative of both Water and Air Magic, Noelle is the second child of the Silva Family who inherited only Water Magic from her father; the first is Solid.
  • Her Zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  • Her favorite things are sweets and things that are annoying but cute.
    • Her interest of anything that is "annoying but cute" may be referred to Asta, in whom Noelle has a crush on.