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Nina Ivanovna Yakushova better known as Ninotchka is the titular protagonist of the 1939 film of the same name. She's a Russian Soviet envoy sent by Commissioner Razinin to check up on the trio of comrades after they couldn't sell Countess Swana imperial jewels.

She was portrayed by Greta Garbo.

Why She Rocks

  1. She's a strong, smart and capable woman who's pretty exceptional at her job despite gender expectations at the time.
  2. Her character is partially meant to reflect Greta Garbo's previous film roles.
    1. She spent the beginning of the film cold and emotionless similar to how mysterious Garbo usually is on and off stage
    2. Her being asked if she wants to be alone, and later saying "we want to be alone is both a reference to her role in Grand Hotel and summarizes her real life pretty well.
  3. She gets various memorable one-liners throughout the film, such as the one in the caption.
  4. She gets some pretty funny moments, despite how cold and serious she is.
  5. Nice character development from her. She starts off as a strict, failure-intolerant woman but eventually lightens up and learns to not take everything so seriously.
    1. Plus that scene where she smiles and laughs first for the first time is a pretty sweet moment, since it shows she is capable of having other emotions.