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Ninja-Rina is a character created by Rhode Montijo, who serves as a secondary protagonist of The Gumazing Gum Girl book series.

Why She Rocks

  1. She has been shown to actually be a very wise girl for her age who displays far better common sense.
  2. Her design is decent.
  3. The idea of a ninja-ballerina superhero was very great.
  4. Her Pirouette Power Punch and Mega Staples are funny and awesome.
  5. She is decently portrayed.
  6. She does help Gum Girl.
  7. Some of her lines are decent.
  8. She is classy and cheerful.
  9. Her design is cute and pretty in the same time.
  10. She was one of the Gum Girl team.
  11. She can even do her own thing's like joining the Gum Girl team to fight Hamster Hansen, saving the day, and even can save herself.
  12. "No crime is tutu big for Ninja-Rina!"

Bad Qualities

  1. In "Popped Star", She tortures Gum Girl by doing jujitsu at her, weaving her into a basket, shaping her into the vase, making her spin into the "Gum-Nado", and even made her feel very dizzy and distorted with the trophy. Thankfully she redeems herself as a nice character.