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"No one steals my show!"

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Nigel is the main antagonist of the Rio franchise. He's an evil and narcissistic cacatua that wants revenge on all the pretty birds for stealing his fame when he was an Hollywood star. He's Blu and Jewel's archenemy, Gabi's boss and husband (against his will), Marcel's former henchbird and Charlie's former boss.

He's voiced by Jemaine Clement.

Why He Rocks

  1. He's portrayed by Jemaine Clement, who also mastered his portrayal and made Nigel a very popular Blue Sky Studios villain.
  2. His backstory, while a bit cliché, is sad and gives him a decent reason to be evil.
  3. While being a comical villain he's able to be threatening and scary.
  4. He's probably one of the funniest villains in animation history.
  5. In Rio 2 he becomes even better by becoming Shakespearean and more comical.
  6. Despite being a villain, he's an excellent comic relief and offered some hilarious quotes.
  7. He's proven to be very smart and smooth
  8. He's the perfect nemesis for Blu.
  9. His "love" relationship with Gabi is hilarious.
  10. He quotes a lot of Shakespeare by the second film.
  11. "You think you're better than me? I never heard of ya!" .
  12. The scene where he interrogates a defenseless little bird shows he can be menacing (although it is a bit coward of him).
  13. His desire to come back to act made him a sympathetic villain.
  14. His design is pretty good.
  15. His crazy laugh is funny.

Bad Qualities

  1. He's a bit too violent towards Jewel in the first film.
  2. He defined love as "powerful and stupid",
  3. He lost his ability to fly at the end of the first film which made him lose a big part of his physical strength in the second film despite he still had his intelligence and manipulation skills.
  4. He's abusive towards his henchman Charlie.
  5. He got shorter screentime in Rio 2 and he barely had any influence on the main plot.