Nia the Kenyan Engine

Nia the Kenyan Tank Engine.jpg

Nia is an orange tank engine from Kenya who befriended and accompanied Thomas on his journey around the world. She is now a permanent resident on the North Western Railway, and a member of the Steam Team. She was rewarded with the job of helping out at the Sodor Animal Park regularly after succeeding in transporting a stubborn elephant there.

Why She's Rocks

  1. She is being Helpful to other Engines
  2. Being Kind
  3. Nice Voice
  4. Joining the Steam Team along with Rebecca

Bad Qualities

  1. Thomas & Friends Fans Argument with Mattel That She along with Rebecca replaced Edward and Henry which They're being Relocated
  2. When Thomas caught up to her in the Himalayas, she refused to listen to his explanations for what happened, still hurt and upset about it. However, she heard his heartfelt apology and realised he never meant to upset her and was truly sorry for it.
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