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Neyla is a character in the Sly Cooper franchise, soley appearing in Sly 2:  Band of Thieves.  She's a member of the KLAWW Gang and Arpeggio's close partner, although she masquerades as a member of Interpol, and secretly aids the Cooper Gang a few times along their quest, before betraying them and becoming a villain.  She also betrays Interpol, and the KLAWW Gang, even Arpeggio, and kills him, fusing herself with Clockwerk's frame to become the final boss of the game, Clock-La.  

Why She Rocks

  • Incredible character design, which was able to make her come off as unassuming at first, but once her true colors are revelaed, incredibly scary and badass.  
  • Her weapon is a whip, which is pretty unique for this series, and she's very effective at using it.  
  • Even though you never fight her in her base form, she's sitll seen as being really strong, because whenever you're chasing her, she's able to kill any guard in her path in one hit of her whip.  
  • Neyla is unbelievably intelligent, particularly when it comes to manipulating others, as she formed alliances with the KLAWW Gang, Interpol, and the Cooper Gang, and effortlessly betrayed all of them without them being able to see it coming, allowing herself to become the final boss of the game.  
  • Outstanding voice acting by Alésia Glidewell, who also provides the voice of Carmelita Montoya Fox in Sly 2:  Band of Thieves.  
  • When she becomes Clock-La, she has arguably one of the best boss fights in the entire series, challenging but not impossible, and very creative, being similar to Clockwrek's fight but more advanced and more difficult, a worthy final boss fight of Sly 2.  
  • Her two boss fights in her Jet, with Bentley facing her, were also really fun and challenging, without being frustrating.  

Bad Qualities

  • We never really learn that much about her past, which sadly meant that the fans simply had to speculate.  They were even orignally gonna have her be the daughter of Rajan, but this was cut to simplify the story.  
  • It would have been awesome to have a boss fight with her on foot, but sadly we never got that, instead just two fights with her in her jet, Bentley facing her, then the final boss fight as Clock-La.  


  • You won't stop me! Not the Cooper Gang, not INTERPOL, not anyone!  
  • Sly Cooper!  Of course, this would be your doing!  
  • You make it sound easy, Cooper.  I actually had to carry your pathetic gang through that first string of heists.  I was overjoyed when Arpeggio let me toss you in jail.  I could finally go after the parts myself.  
  • Stupid Arpeggio.  I double crossed the Cooper Gang, Interpol, and Carmelita...what made you think I wouldn't do the same to you?  
  • Want a peace of me?  Don't worry, there's plenty to go around!  
  • Talk brave while you can, Cooper!  I might not have the immortality born of pure hate, but I feel something, some power growing within me!  
  • I hate you Cooper Gang!  I will find you in your sleep and I will destroy you!  You will never no a moment of peace for the rest of your short, miserable lives!  The Clock-La will know revenge!  I am revenge!  I am the alpha and the omega!  Clock-La!  
  • I still have my hate chip!   You will never defeat me, ever!  


  • Like Sly, she has a paraglider. It is identical to her hijab and emerges/retracts from where this sits, implying that this was intended to be her means of paragliding itself; however, while paragliding, it is still on her head, likely an animation oversight.
  • Neyla is one of five female villains in the series, the other four being Mz. Ruby, The Contessa, Penelope, and Miss Decibel, but she is the only female final boss and the only one to be deceased.
    • Neyla is the first female main antagonist. She is also the only main antagonist in the series who doesn't have a vendetta against the Cooper Clan.
  • The voice actress for Neyla, Alésia Glidewell, also voiced Carmelita Fox in the same game.
  • Neyla is the first main antagonist to be killed or defeated by Carmelita rather than Sly, the second being Dr. M.
  • While Neyla was inside of Clockwerk's body calling herself Clock-La, she boasted to Sly: "I might not have the immortality born of pure hate... but I feel something... some power growing within me!" This, along with her sudden drastic change in personality, suggests that Clockwerk's mind and soul were still alive in the frame and gradually took over Neyla's.
  • Jean Bison is the only character whom Neyla never back-stabbed, or put an end to their operation, though she likely tried to do so.
  • Neyla is the only main antagonist who neither holds a grudge against nor has any personal history with the Cooper Family.
  • Her whip can kill guards in a single hit, making it one of the most powerful attacks in the game.
  • Neyla is the only non-Cooper Clan member who is seen walking across tight-ropes.
    • She did run quickly across them, implying she could not remain on them indefinitely like Sly or any other Cooper.
  • In Anatomy for Disaster, Neyla becomes the third villain to refer to Sly as an insect after Raleigh and The Contessa, however Raleigh prefers to use the term "bug".
  • She is the only mini-boss in Sly 2.  
  • Neyla was originally designed to be Rajan's daughter, though this had to be changed to simplify the story.[1] This also explains why they are the same species of tiger. 
  • Her name was also originally supposed to be spelled "Neela" instead of "Neyla".  

All Appearances

  • Sly 2:  Band of Thieves (2004)