:33 < Hi!!! :33 < Thanks for having me on this wiki! :33 < My name's Nepeta Leijon, but my friends simply just call me Nepeta! :33 < I am one of the twelve Beta Trolls, and my Zodiac sign is Leo, the 5th sign represented by a lion/lioness!!

:33 < Why I Rock SO HARD!!! (Pun intended)

  1. :33 < I get along very well with both of my crushes, Karkat Vantas (Ex) and Equius Zahhak (Current)!!
  2. :33 < I'm really adorable!! :33 < At least that's what humanity thinks, including Andrew Hussie himself!!
  3. :33 < I like other trolls who are friendly, kind, and cute rather than cruel as heck unlike Gamzee for example!
  4. :33 < I really enjoy roleplaying (:33 < Except bloody Vriska since she scares me to death) a lot!! :33 < I especially like doing it with Equius Zahhak!!
  5. :33 < As much as I don't really like Eridan Ampora, I actually kinda like Feferi Peixes!

Bad Qualities

  1. :33 < Alongside Equius Zahhak, Eridan Ampora, and Feferi Peixes, we were killed by Gamzee Makara! :33 < Even if Eridan Ampora is a jerk too.


  1. :33 < Did you know that while I use the ":3" emoticon sometimes (Which is reminiscent of a cat face), it ends up as a 33 due to my typing quirk!
  2. :33 < Another thing of note is that in my typing quirk, 33 is the atomic number of arsenic on the periodic table, which is also used as rat poison.
    • :33 < Ironically, since I am a feline-themed troll, and arsenic is used for rat poison, cats hate rats! :33 < Ironic isn't it?
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