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Nathan Drake is the main protagonist from the video game franchise Uncharted, appearing in Uncharted:  Drake's Deception (2007), Uncharted 2:  Among Thieves (2009), Uncharted 3:  Drake's Deception (2011), Uncharted:  Golden Abyss (2012), and Uncharted 4:  A Thief's End (2016).  The only game he doesn't appear in is Uncharted:  The Lost Legacy (2015).  He also appears the Uncharted motion comics, Uncharted:  Eye of India (2009), which was a prequel to the first game, the novel Uncharted:  The Fourth Labryinth (2011), and the regular Uncharted comics, simply called Uncharted (2011-2012).  He's the brother of Samuel Drake, the husband of Elena Fisher, the father of Cassie Drake, the son of the deceased Cassandra Morgan, and the son-figure of Victor Sullivan.  He was also the lover in the past of Chloe Fraiser, and is good friends with Charlie Cutter.  

Why He Rocks

  • Incredibly badass, from his appearance, to his personality, to his actions.  
  • He has interesting relationships with many characters in the series.  
    • At some point in the past, he was the lover of fellow treasure hunter Chloe Fraiser.  It's unknown if this occured before or after Uncharted:  The Lost Legacy.  For some reason they ended up loosing contact, but reunited briefly in Uncharted 2:  Among Thieves.  They tired to rekindle their relationship, but Nathan Drake ends up choosing Elena Fisher in the end.  
    • While little is known about his relationship with Chasrlie Cutter, we do know that they wre friends, and Nathan Drake seemed to trust Cutter with his life, claiming that he's his "go to guy" for treasure hunting jobs.  
    • Drake got in contact with Elena Fisher before Uncharted:  Drake's Fortune, so she could write a story about Sir. Francis Drake.  They had lots of humorous banter during the game, but parted ways in the end.  They reunited in Uncharted 2:  Among Thieves, by pure chance, and started a relationship at the end of the game.  In the third game they are married, but very estranged.  They rekindle their marriage by the end of the game, but in Uncharted 4:  Among Thieves, after he promises to her that he's done with the life of illegal treasure hunting, he lies to her so he can go on one final job, to save his brother's life.  She ends up finding out later on, and because of that their relationship is on the rocks once agian, but they eventually solve their disputes.  At the end of the game, a massive time skip occurs, in which they have a daughter named Cassie Drake.  
    • Drake met Victor Sullivan when he was 14 or 15, when he was a street thief.  It started when Drake tried to lift Victor's wallet, but Victor caught him.  Sometime after that, they ended up becoming a treasure hunting duo, with Victor being a close friend and somewhat of a father figure to Drake.  
    • Samuel Drake is Nathan Drake's older brother.  The two have been inseperable ever since they were kids, after they broke out of the religious orphanage that they were kept in.  They're so close that Nathan Drake, despite having some initial hesitation, dropped everything, lying to his wife, damaging his relationships with both Elena and Victor, to help save his life.  When he finds out that Samuel lied to him about the whole situation, he's incredibly distraught and pissed, but still decides to go save his brother at the end of the game.  
    • While Cassandra Morgan is never seen in any of the games, it's very obvious that both Nathan and Samuel loved her derarly, to the point that they broke into the house of an old woman to steal her personal history and archelogical journals, the woman turning out to be an old accomplice of their mother.  She dropped them off at that religious orphanage when they were very young, for unknown reasons.  
    • Rafe Alder was a close friend and associate of both Samuel and Drake, but ends up loosing contact with them later on due to how obsessed he was with Henry Avery's treasure.  He ends up becoming the main villain of Uncharted 4:  A Thief's End.  
    • While his daughter, Cassie Drake, is only shown a tiny bit in Uncharted 4:  A Thief's end, it's made clear that Drake does care about her very much.  She stumbles upon his old journal, and while he's hesitant at first, he eventually decides to explain to her the stories of their old treasure hunting adventures.  
  • Drake is a complex character, with plenty of weaknesses to balance out his strengths.  He's very insecure about himself and his relationships, which may have been brought on by his mother dumping him and his brother at that orphanage without a word.  He tries to disguise this with outward brovado and jokes.  
  • He gets a lot of character development over the course of the four games, which helps keep his character fresh and non stagnant.  
  • While he isn't the best at showing it, he does care about those around him.  This is shown when he's willing to throw everything away to save his brother, and how crushed he is when the posibility strikes him that Elena might never forgive him.  
  • He's a very funny character, who provides a lot of dark humor to the games.  

The ONLY Bad Quality

  • While Drake is a complex and likeable character, Drake's constant lies can certainly get on people's nerves.  A good example is in Uncharted 4:  A Thief's End, where, if he would have just told Elena the truth from the beginning, she definitely wouldn't have just expected him to let his brother die to keep his promise.  


  • There’s your treasure. Was it worth it?  
  • Well, let's see here... I ruined my marriage. Drove my best friend away. Got two psychos and their army after me. And now my brother's gone missing. But, on the bright side, there's no one around to tell me I'm an idiot.  


  • Nathan Drake's personality was based on the stereotypical romantic action-adventure hero, with inspirations stemming from early movie serials to modern action films.  Creative director Amy Hennig singled out the main characteristics of this stereotypical hero - an "irreverent, roguish sense of humor", and "charm."  nspiration was also taken from various screwball comedies, with the aim being a game that didn't take itself quite as seriously.  At the 2008 Game Developers Conference, lead game designer Richard Lemarchand revealed that Nate's character was based in part on Johnny Knoxville.
  • Lemarchand went on to say that they wanted to capture Knoxville's "coolness and goodness" in the character.  Amy Hennig later clarified that Knoxville was just one of the people that influenced Nate's design, with others including actors like Cary Grant.   She also attributed much of Drake's charm and charisma to Nolan North, saying that he was, in a way, their greatest inspiration.  
  • Lead cinematics animator Josh Scherr said that the ultimate intention with Nate was to create a character with an everyman persona; an "ordinary guy...who really had to work hard for every leap and climb, and who got visibly nervous when under fire."  His hand-to-hand skills are described by Sam Thompson, producer of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, as "fallible."  
  • Senior character artist Hanno Hagedorn said (on Uncharted 3's development):  "Nathan Drake is now into his third incarnation, so we felt there were opportunities for innovations in Uncharted 3. The first thing we did was to decide how to push our ongoing focus on stylized realism for Drake. This took a number of forms in the finished model, from improved ways of creating his wet hair down to his beard stubble. Just as we did between Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, we aged Drake up in accordance with the two to three years' real world difference between 2009, when we released Uncharted 2, and the year when we were going to release Uncharted 3: 2011. Drake was in his very early thirties when the first Uncharted was released, and so now he's well into his mid-thirties. If you look close enough you can just catch glimpses of a couple of grey hairs. We also made crow's feet' wrinkles around his eyes a little more pronounced. These details are very subtle, but people pick up on them subconsciously. For his beard stubble for example, we first created his beard using a hair simulation in 3D Studio Max. We gave his beard follicles a direction by grooming and combing them in the simulation, and then we exported perfectly matching normal maps, color maps and secular maps that we used on his model in the game, to give us a more detailed, more realistic look than we've ever had before. His texture map layout also has been optimized so that the new in-game model has almost the same detail resolution as the cinematic model from Uncharted 2. These are just a few examples of the countless little details we polished and refined for Drake's third outing."  
  • A procedural blended animation system was developed to realistically allow Nate to react to his surroundings in the game.  Animations that felt sluggish or unresponsive were removed and alternate methods were used to create the desired effect. In some cases, over thirty animations are used to comprise a single movement.  Naughty Dog co-president described this realistic animation system as the "number one priority" when developing Uncharted.  
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