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Muggshot is a character in the Sly Cooper video game franchise.  He first appears in Sly Cooper and the Thieveus Raccoonus, (2002), as a member of the Fiendish Five, serving as their inforcer, and the second boss of the game.  He later reappears in Sly 3:  Honor Among Theives, (2005), in Holland as the leader of Team Muggshot in the Black Baron's Aces tournament, and there's two more boss fights against him, first with Murray, then with Carmelita.  He also appeared in Timing is Everything, a series of animated shorts to prepare people for the release of Sly Cooper:  Thieves in Time, and he is mentioned briefly in Sly Cooper:  Thieves in Time, (2013), too.  

Why He Rocks

  • Incredible voice acting by Kevin Blackton, who voices Sir. Raleigh the Frog, Panda King, and Clockwerk.  
  • Amazing character design, which manages to be intimidating but also funny at the samem time.  
  • Undoubtedly the funniest thing about him is his legs, which are so tiny in comparison to the rest of his body, that when he moves around he has to walk on his clutched fists, his legs just dangling beneath him as he does.  
  • Another of the funniest aspects of his character is the way he speaks; he's not too bright, and always speaks very slowly, and uses big words incorrectly, either that or misprounounces them, sometimes incredibly badly.  
  • Awesome boss fight, which requires you to fight him indirectly, as there's no way Sly can hurt him with his Cane.  
  • He's so strong that even in Sly 3, Murray can't hurt him with his fists, despite how strong that he is.  Therefore, you have to fight him indirectly then, too.  
  • His fight with Carmelita is the first and only boss fight with him that you can fight Muggshot directly.  
  • The aesthetic of Muggshot's episode in Sly Cooper and the Thieveus Raccoonus is one of the most interesting in the entire series, being that of a casino.  


  • Yo, Hey yo, yo! It's the boss! You know, I am the first to admit that maybe driving everyone out of town, while necessary to set up shop, might have taken a hit out of the business. So, now I hope you mugs would be obliger to any visitors that come here to lose their money in my casino. But, I got a reliable tip that a cop might be snooping around the operation. So from now on, greet any visitors you see with a hail of lead! Capiche?  
  • I got a personal message for the two-bit thief who's making off with all my treasure keys: you're dead, pally! If I get my hands on you, I'm going to fit you with your own pair of cement bunny slippers. You hear me? You're lunchmeat, jerk!  
  • What?  My boys have been yappin' about some big, mysterious dude runnin' around and crackin' skulls and this is it?  You're the monkey wrench in my operation?  Some scrawny rat with a stick.  Hey, wait a minute, I seen that stick before.  
  • Your father?  Wah, you're a Cooper?  Ya know that thingus racamagugus, had a lot of nice pictures, but way too many big words.  
  • You break into my place. Steal my stuff. Trash the joint. I feel transgressed and violated! Let's rock!  
  • My beautiful gun is destroyed, good thing I got a spare upstairs.  
  • This is impossible!  A little whimp like you being a big strong brusier like me, it aint' right!  You want all of that stupid picture book?  You're gonna have to go down to Haiti and cross paths with Mz. Ruby, and believe you me, you don't wanna be you!  
  • Like when Team Canada stole Equador's parachutese!  
  • Or when Portugal put rat poison in Team Muggshot's coffee machine!  
  • This time, we're gonna drill you jokers full of holes!  
  • Greetings, trog-o-lid-ites! Didn't think I forgot about Mesa City, did ya? I figure you jerks let me smash up your aeroplane and we're even.  
  • Army? Oh, oh yeah! Okay, boys, I paid you off good enough, time to crack some skulls!  
  • Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...  
  • HA-ha-ha-ha-ha...  
  • Hee-heh-heh-heh, HA-ha-ha!  
  • HEE-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...  
  • Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh...  
  • I can take it all day, lightweight.  
  • Keep it comin', I'm a brick wall!  
  • Yeh, ahahaha!  
  • Barbecue that meatball! This is killin' me!  
  • Good gosh-a-golly!  
  • Murder that ball of fat!  
  • My duterius maximus! It's outta wack!  
  • Oh! That got my kneecap!  
  • Ow! Get that palooka!  
  • Ow! Get that pink punk! These doors ain't holding themselves open!  
  • Ow, man!  
  • Take him down, now!  
  • Oh you're dead, punk!  
  • Oh! Right in the Solar Plex-E-is! Don't think this is over, meatball. Ya' not untouchable, this is just the beginning of a really bad day.  
  • Aw, beat it twerp! The Black Baron's been giving me the grill since that "event" in yer hangar.  
  • No way, I'm being watched here! That, and it wouldn't feel right poundin' a four-eyed runt in a wheelchair.  
  • I could whip your whole gang, with one arm, if you jerks would sit still! Look at these arms, (Muggshot flexes his muscles) I'm unstoppable!  
  • Yeah, yer half right. I find a nice tang to my breath helps maintain my "personal space."  
  • What? What's an "ear hole"? Talk sense, why don't ya.  
  • Look, if you don't got nothing to say nice, then don't say nothing at all. Get it!? (Bentley quietly stares at Muggshot) What, ain't got no sassy comments, smart guy? (Bentley continues to stare) Oh, I get it, you got nothing nice to say so you're keeping quiet. That's real cute. (Bentley continues to stare) You really got nothin' nice to say?... That's cold.  
  • Nobody talks that way about my mother! Nobody! Okay, little broken-down runt, looks like you're gonna get broken down even more!  
  • Mess with me? That little punk is gonna eat dirt. (Muggshot notices Carmelita) Hey! You're that cop hag that busted me back in Mesa City!  
  • Well, wise guy... lady. Feel like goin' for another shot at the title?  
  • I ain't no stupid baby!  
  • Mutha, that you? I'm sorry... I didn't know they was yours.  


  • Pictures of Muggshot can be seen in the Museum of Natural History in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. As Sly is walking through the hallway towards the courtyard, pictures of him are along the wall, along with ones of Panda King and Sir Raleigh.
  • Muggshot's name is a wordplay of the word "mugshot," which is a picture that's taken when someone is arrested.
  • Muggshot is the only boss in the series whose henchmen consists entirely of his species (except for in Flight of Fancy but they were Black Baron guards he had paid off) whereas the species of other bosses guards are numerous.
  • It is unknown exactly how Muggshot got out of jail between the gap in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus and Sly 3, whether he was released or broke out.
    • However, it is known that Muggshot was out of prison at least a year before Sly 3 as the Black Baron mentions Team Muggshot was a runner-up in the previous year's ACES competition.
  • He, Sir Raleigh, Panda King, and Clockwerk are the only members of the Fiendish Five to make an appearance or be mentioned in every game in the series. Muggshot himself is a boss in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, a painting in Sly 2, a boss again in Sly 3 as well as his Slot Machine in an animated short, and appearing in an animated short in Thieves in Time as well as being used as a disguise.
  • Despite his huge arms, which he brags about, he never uses them as weapons during boss battles. In fact, he'd rather kick you during a boss battle than use his arms offensively.
    • The only time Muggshot does use them as weapons is when he gets revenge on the bullies.[6]
  • Muggshot is the only character whose height and weight are known. He is 7' 3" and 324 lb.[5]
  • Muggshot and Mz. Ruby are the only bosses in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus to address Sly directly over the P.A. system (or telepathically, in Mz. Ruby's case) near the end of their respective episodes; Sir Raleigh and Panda King address the guards in their employ rather than Sly.
  • In Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Muggshot can be seen with a cigar in his mouth during some of the cutscenes he appears in. He is also shown with a cigar in The Adventures of Sly Cooper: Issue 2. However, during gameplay, he never has a cigar.
    • It is known that Muggshot never has a cigar in Timing is Everything. He is thus one of four out of six characters in the series known to be smoking ever to stop at some point. The others were Tennessee Kid Cooper, Dimitri Lousteau, and El Jefe. The other two which did not stop at any known point were Inspector Barkley and Conner Cooper.
  • Muggshot has been arrested more times than any other known character at three.
  • At three, Muggshot is fought by more playable characters than any other boss. First by Sly, then by Murray, and finally by Carmelita.
    • If Dr. M's mutants do not count as their own bosses, then Muggshot ties with Dr. M, who is fought by Carmelita, Dimitri, and Sly in that case.
    • Bentley is the only member of the Cooper Gang who hasn’t fought Muggshot.
  • His thief meter in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves has a strange resemblance to that of the Black Baron. One of the few major differences is that Muggshot's thief meter has canine fangs on it, but the Black Baron's thief meter does not go anywhere below the mustache.  

All Appearances

  • Sly Cooper and the Thieveus Raccoonus (2002)
  • Sly 3:  Honor Among Thieves (2005)
  • Timing is Everything (2013)
  • Sly Cooper:  Thieves in Time (2013) (mentioned briefly)