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The Mountain Girl is the main protagonist in the Babylonian segment of the 1916 silent film Intolerance.

She is portrayed by Constance Talmadge who also plays Marguerite of Valois in the French segment of the same film.

Why She Rocks

  1. She's not your typical D.W. Griffith heroine. She stands out as one of the first tomboys ever made in film history, and really stands out in personality from other major female characters The Dear One in the Modern Story and Brown Eyes in the French Story
  2. She's proven to be a strong warrior, as she was able to take down a lot of Priests when she was fighting for the city.
  3. Her death scene towards the end is a very emotional scene.
  4. Constance Talmadge, her actress, does an incredible job playing her and Marguerite in the film.
  5. She's had some pretty funny moments with the romatic ones.
  6. Her loyalty to Belshazzar is very strong and sweet, and goes to show that she does have a soft side in her.
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