The Minions are characters in the Despicable Me franchise. They are yellow pill-shaped creatures who are Gru’s minions, and are characterized by their childlike behavior and unique language, which is almost intelligible at times.

Why They Rock

  1. They are comedic for most of the time.
  2. They are the icon of Illumination.
  3. Their relationship with Gru is really heartwarming; instead of their boss abusing them like most henchmen, Gru gets along well with them.
  4. They spawned some very funny internet memes.
  5. They also got their own short films.
  7. Their character designs are pretty cute.

Bad Qualities

  1. Although comic reliefs, they can be annoying at times.
  2. Their spin-off movie suffered from mediocrity, where none of them were effective at humor (like they are in the main Despicable Me installments).
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