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Hi, I'mMinako Aino, the goddess of love. I'm the civilian identity of Sailor V and the present-day incarnation of Sailor Venus.

Why I'm So Cute

  1. I'm the goofiest member of the Sailor Guardians,
  2. Since I was born in London, I would rather speaks adorably, with my very thick British accent.
  3. I'm the right tool for the hilarious Japanese comedy, as I give you more laughs than ever before!
  4. To fit my cuteness and tomboyishness, I wore my most iconic every day sailor-suited outfit.
    • Including a white short-sleeved blouse with sailor neckerchief, a red scarf, blue skirt, white socks and a pair of very shiny black Mary Jane shoes.
  5. I can do most of these cartoony comedy moments, and I really can do my wacky antics.
  6. Like Usagi Tsukino, I love more boyish hobbies, including sports and playing video games.
  7. Due to being the idol's greatest cutie, my singing voice sounds so cute!
  8. I totally loves comedies, especially slapstick comedies.
  9. I'm so good at telling wackiest jokes. For example, I tell Usagi my favorite: "What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit hole? HOT CROSS BUNNIES! HA-HA!".
  10. I love being a prankster, so I can pull pranks on these people, tee-hee!
  11. I love to laugh, when I love having much more fun!
  12. Like Usagi, I'm the cutest sailor-suited teenage tomboy.
  13. I had my bedroom, that was filled with lots and lots of cute plush toys.
  14. My hilarious personality is so cute.
  15. Due to being a very happy tomboy, every knows me as the funniest and the zaniest sailor-suited teenage girl in the universe, as one of the biggest names in comedy!