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Miles Prower (Japanese: マイルス・パウアー Mairusu Pauā?), better known by his nickname, Tails (テイルス Teirusu?), is the deuteragonist the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a mobian fox, who was born exclusively with two twin-tails (which he uses to fly by rotating them like helicopter rotors), hence his nickname.

Why He Flies High

  1. Tails is a gentle-hearted, sweet-natured and loyal mobian with a positive attitude.
  2. He is a super friendly kid who has endless compassion and admiration for his friends.
  3. Tails is not one to grab the spotlight for himself and, instead, is always ready and willing help others without asking for anything in return.
  4. He is incredibly intelligent and creative, being able to invent pretty much anything with everything.
  5. He has built all sorts of weapons and vehicles that greatly make up some of his weak points, especially in combat.
  6. He can use his twin tails to travel at speeds that are high enough to catch up with and even impress Sonic (The Fastest Thing Alive, mind you!).
  7. A turning point for Tails came in Sonic Adventure; when Station Square was in danger of being destroyed, Tails was the only one who could stop this. With Sonic nowhere to be found, Tails realized that he could not depend on Sonic forever and had to try on his own.
    • After saving Station Square, Tails realized he could be independent and support himself without Sonic, and all he needed was determination and faith.
  8. Corey and Connor Bringas, Amy Palant, Kate Higgins and Colleen Villard are all great at voicing him.

Bad Qualities

  1. In more recent Sonic titles, like in Lost World and Forces, he has been portrayed as wimpy, cowardly, childish, arrogant and basically useless in the heat of battle, other than pointless exposition and battle tactics.
  2. Like all fictional super-geniuses, Tails has a tendency to talk techno-babble, much to the irritation of his friends, such as when he tried to explain how an Extreme Gear worked, meaning that Tails does not always use tact in a situational matter.
  3. Despite his intelligence and general fearlessness, Tails can be incredibly naive and big-mouthed, such as in Sonic Adventure 2 when he accidentally told Eggman that the Chaos Emerald that Sonic had was a fake, completely ruining the heroes' plans.
  4. While Amy Palant excelled at capturing his personality, she also made him sound like a little girl. Thankfully, she doesn't sound as feminine in Sonic Unleashed.


  • Tails is deathly afraid of lightning, best shown in the Sonic the Hedgehog OVA and even the non-canon spin-off series, Sonic Boom.
  • As shown on several occasions, Tails tends to make use of various mechanical devices to improve his battle prowess, such as his Magic Hand, Energy Cannon, and the Big Hand.
    • He also occasionally carries around a wide arsenal of bombs, from basic explosives to remote-controlled mines, to Flash Bang grenades.
  • His voice actress from Sonic Free Riders to Lost World is the current voice of Pauline.
  • There were plenty of rumors that Katy Perry, Anna Faris or Chloe Grace Moretz would vocie him in the Sonic Movie sequel.