Miko Kubota (also known as Me_K.O.) is one of the main characters of Glitch Techs as a female lead. She's a Japanese-American who works at Hinobi's technology store as you may have guessed. Miko is a buddy with High Five while both characters are prone to work together to stop these glitches.

Why She Rocks

  1. Miko is a hyped up girl who shows optimistic behavior throughout the series like when she enjoys video games or work at Hinobi
  2. She may not be a strategist like Five, but Miko is a fast learner through experience and adaptation. She works well by preferring to learn through action. It's no wonder as to why Miko easily beats some games. Another thing worth mentioning is that Miko has the guts to not move on to another game until she's done with the game she's recently
  3. She often is a good friend of Five and both love to do some fun things outside of work or even enjoy working with each other as you may have guessed. Miko trusts him and would give him tips on the games she won. Speaking of friendship, she has a tendency to be physically affectionate with people around her in the form of enthusiastic hugs. Also, let's mention that she's the kind of girl that wants to stick with teammates.
  4. Miko has the character development where at first it seems like Miko would hate her family due to their views on video games. However, Miko actually does care for her family later on (especially when Miko has a job) such as her mom or Lexi.
  5. Miko's design tends to be cute in her own levels.
  6. Out of all the human characters in the show, she is the only person known to somehow be impervious to the Glitch Tech's memory resetting. This could actually come in handy as seen in Age of Hinobi.
  7. She did shown to reget doing some bad things as well like in Ralphie Bear is Back, she showed her confession to Five just by telling him that she was the one breaking Ralphie Bear.
  8. She can easily repair things such as a whack a mole (bunny in the case) arcade machine or even fixed a customer's handheld Hinobi console.

Bad Qualities

  1. At first, Miko does act like a jackass to her family in Age of Hinobi just for wanting to be in a game tournament.
  2. Has a bad habit of rushing which can lead her to being reckless
  3. She also forgets to apologize for making mistakes she thinks are minor, like almost hitting Five with a high intensity laser.


  1. According to Dan Milano on Twitter, the name of Miko's family dog as shown in "Age of Hinobi" was named Cloud, after the protagonist from Final Fantasy VII. Dan Milano mentioned Miko also has a cat named Aerith, another character from that game, but that character model had not yet been used. However, when Dan was asked if Aerith would be featured in any future episode, he answered "Sure!"
  2. Miko's character was heavily inspired by Monica Ray, Felicia Day and Ashly Burch.
  3. Dan Milano explained on Twitter that Miko was written to show apparent signs of ADHD, which explains her strong dislike of tutorials in "Tutorial Mode" as well as her limited focus in "Going, Going, Gauntlet!".
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