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Michael “Mike” Wazowski is a green one-eyed monster and the deuteragonist/central protagonist of Pixar’s 4th feature film, Monsters, Inc., and the main protagonist of its 2013 prequel Monsters University. He also appears in Monsters at Work (2021).

Why He Rocks (“The camera loves me!”)

  1. He is easily considered one of Pixar’s funniest and most iconic characters yet.
  2. He is voiced by none other than famous comedian, Billy Crystal, and he pulls it off very well for him.
  3. As Sulley’s best bud, he is his assistant at work, and often helps him collect laughs or screams. Guess laughter is more powerful than screams, right?
  4. His life before Sulley and he met was revealed in Monsters University, where he is the star.
  5. He loves being famous and popular. For example: I was on TV! He was great, while they covered up his face!
  6. He even got his own short film titled "Mike's New Car", with Sulley as the co-star.
  7. He even helped Sulley bring Boo back home to her door.
  8. He also made a company play for the company, and who knows he had to bring up that line he yelled back then! He hopes they get a copy of that tape!
  9. He is fearless, even if he's not scary.
  10. His screams always crack up the audience.
  11. He’s still likable and hilarious in the Disney+ show, Monsters at Work.

Bad Qualities (“You don’t think I’m scary.”)

  1. He may be good at being funny, but he's not really scary enough.
  2. For a one-eyed guy like him, he can be pretty selfish at times, and he was even willing to get rid of Boo at first. His attitude almost got him killed by that scream extractor! But he's lucky to have changed for the better and be alive.


  • As a kid, he used to wear braces. As a teen, he wore a retainer.
  • In Monsters University, he is 18 years old, which means in Monsters, Inc., he is about 28 years old, too.
  • Sometimes, he shows up in other movies made by the company that goes by the name, Pixar. First, he was wearing his protection gear underwater, and then, he was a car, and he was a topper in a movie focusing on a robot, and finally he was seen as a piñata!
  • He was going to be voiced by Eddie Murphy, but he was busy working on another movie from another studio. Finally, Billy Crystal was chosen to be the perfect voice actor for him.