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Meta Knight (Known in Japan as Meta Naito) is a major character in the Kirby series. He's the leader of the Meta-Knights and captain of the battleship Halberd.

Why He Rocks

  1. His design stands out from the other Kirby characters due to it being edgy, dark and mysterious as opposed to the usual cute and colorful.
  2. He has awesome swordsman skills to show off.
  3. He works together with Kirby and co. on multiple occasions.
  4. Whenever the player fights him, he gives a sword before it begins to make sure it's a fair fight.
  5. He cares a lot about his comrades, as seen in Revenge Of Meta Knight, when he was the last one to evacuate the Halberd.
  6. He was the first character to be announced for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  7. He's always willing to improve himself, for example when he wished Nova to fight Galacta Knight in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
  8. He's always ready to face anything that resembles a threat for Dream Land or Planet Popstar.
  9. He's a good mentor figure for Kirby.
  10. He has a funny Mexican accent in "Kirby: Right Back at Ya!".

Bad Qualities

  1. He has some evil moments, like in Revenge Of Meta Knight, where he uses the Halberd to invade and conquer Dream Land to end its lazy lifestyle. Not only that, but he also tried to kill Kirby in the same game.
  2. He was too overpowered in Brawl, to the point where he was banned from tournaments.
  3. In Kirby Fighters 2, he teamed up with King Dedede just so they could prove themselves stronger than Kirby, which was somewhat uncalled for.


  • Meta Knight's first appearance in Super Smash Bros. was in Melee as a collectible trophy.
  • His original appearance would be more butterfly-like, as seen in Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition, which would be used later on for Morpho Knight from Kirby Star Allies.
  • His sword's name, Galaxia, comes from the anime.