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Meggy Spletzer is a main character from SMG4's bloopers, and the protagonist of her spin-off show, Sunset Paradise. She was initially based on the Splatoon franchise, so therefore she was an orange inkling girl, but at the ending of the Anime Arc, "Final Hours", she turns into a human by one of Francis' machines. She later gets a voice at the end of the YouTube Arc, "War of the Fat Italians 2020", where she gets blasted by a ray which was caused by SMG3 accidentally hitting the YouTube Remote, while fighting SMG4 and Mario for it.

In the SMG4 blooper series, she was basically the tritagonist of the 2019 season, where she appeared in almost every episode of that year, and serving as the main protagonist of the Anime Arc, as well as the titular main protagonist of "Meggy's Destiny", the channel's first ever movie at the start of 2020.

Meggy is a highly competitive girl who was obsessed with winning the Splatfest, the top Inkling sports competition. Although she started out on poor terms with Mario when she escapes from a paint can she was trapped in, they quickly become good friends when he participates in the Splatfest with her.

Why She Rocks

  1. She's extremely kind to all her friends especially to Mario and SMG4 being some of the most notable examples.
    • She was also upset that her friend Desti when she passed away and blamed herself for the death that she should've been more faster proving how a good friend she is.
  2. She's willing to sacrifice herself, in "The Mario Convention", she realized Kojima had a T-Pose mushroom and was planning to turn Mario into a T-Pose zombie. She pushed him out of the way before the Shroom exploded, sacrificing herself for Mario's safety, and thus she turns into a T-Pose Zombie, and in "Final Hours" she told her friends to use her ink to save everyone else and doesn't care if it kills her as she wants to save her own friends thus turning her into a human.
  3. Her animated form in Sunset Paradise is nicely animated especially in the HD form.
  4. The battle she had in candy vs pizza was extremely funny and then eventually learned in the episode that both pizza and candy are good enough for a good party.
  5. Lizzie Freeman did a good job at voicing her.
  6. She along with Mario and Luigi made a great duo especially in the Minecraft video where they're trying to end the Minecraft world transformation and turn the world back to normal.
  7. The live-streams featuring her in SMG4's channel are also really enjoyable to watch especially the gameplays and reactions.
  8. In both Inkling and human forms, she does have a really cute and adorable design.
  9. Despite not being a comic relief character, she does have some funny moments, such as her failing to resist to not shoot Bob, and went crazy and shot Bob numerous times in "Final Fantasy Mario", her going crazy when Bowser said paint, and ruining the entire kitchen in "Mario and the Bob Mansion", her being possessed by Mario's mask in "Mario's Mask of Madness", and her saying "I'M GOING TO BREAK YOUR NIKO NIKO KNEECAPS!" in "Meggy Learns Japanese.
  10. Meggy tends to have more common sense and is smarter than most of the SMG4 characters, thus she serves as a foil to her dumber friends like Mario for example.
  11. Meggy is shown to be skilled with guns, as shown in "Final Fantasy Mario", where after she got a gun, she hit a bullseye numerous times, and at one point, she managed to that while looking at her phone. She does this again in "The Mario Carnival", where she managed to hit large numbers of targets with extreme efficiency and accuracy, going on par with Tari before being bested by her on "power drive mode", and in "The Resurrection", she attacked a monster by shooting at it numerous times.
  12. Meggy is shown to be a good fighter as well. As shown in "Wild, Wild Mario", where she kicks a cowboy that is threatening Shroomy, "The X-Mas Discovery" where she, enraged, did an uppercut so hard that she sent Waluigi to the roof. "The Mario Mafia", where after Wendy approaches her, she sweeps Wendy's leg and kicks her out of the window, "The Minecraft Plague", where she attacked a skeleton for its' loot, and "TEXTURES NOT FOUND", where she fights off the zombies.
  13. She is also a really competent lawyer, as shown in "Mario University", where she managed to explain that the culprit who trashed the campus kitchen was SMG4 and not Mario because the culprit threw a plate of spaghetti away. Also, she saved Mario's life and defended him in "Mario's Big Chungus Hunt", where she explains to the Big Chunguses that video games would help them win sales.
  14. Admittedly, her role in "Meggy's Destiny".
    • Earlier on in the movie, she stubbornly refuses the Ink Boi 300 because she believes she still has all of her skills. Due to this, she has almost lost the last Splatfest, and refused to accept the fact that she needed the Ink Boi. However, she let go of her pride because of her meeting with her past Inkling self.
    • This is also when she lets go of Desti's death in "World War Mario", where at first, when she initally lost the Splatfest, she cries, and felt she had let Desti down, but after Callie and Marie told her that the other team cheated, she gained more confidence and hope, and later she actually wins the Splatfest, and afterwards, she hugged Desti (as a ghost) as a way to of making it easier to do so, thanking her for keeping up the promise she made in at her funeral.

Bad Qualities

  1. There has been some moments where she is unlikable.
    • She was unlikable at the first time she appeared on the SMG4 channel, in "If Mario Was In... Splatoon".
    • She was also shown to be unlikable in "Mario VS Youtubers" as seen when she tried to get Mario to lose the challenge.
    • "Meggy's Bootcamp", and especially the infamous "Boys vs Girls" are also episodes where she is unlikable.
  2. She is an overused character in the SMG4 videos, for example, in 2019, she appeared in 35 out of 48 episodes (which is a 73% rate), to the point of people assuming her to be a creator's pet.
  3. Depending on your view, she can be seen as quite annoying sometimes, in particular fans who don't like her voice she got at the end of the YouTube Arc.
  4. Her fear of anime could also be seen as a problem, while this is mostly played for comedic purposes only, there have been some moments where she takes it too far.


  • As seen from "What if...", if Desti didn't die then Meggy would be the one who's dead.
  • She has her own series called Sunset Paradise which is a series about her going on vacation without her friends in a more HD way.
  • Her surname, "Spletzer" was revealed in the episode, "The Inkling Disappearances".
  • Luke and Kevin made her just so they can celebrate the release of Splatoon 2.
  • Her shoes are sometimes depicted with the Punk Cherries instead of the Octoling Boots on some thumbnails of the videos she appears.