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Mayl Sakuari is the lead female protagonist in the MegaMan: Battle Network series and the anime series MegaMan: NT Warrior. She is the love interest of Lan Hikari and her NetNavi is Roll.EXE.

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Why She Rocks

  1. She has an appareling design that includes short red hair, blue jacket, pink skirt, long dark blue socks and ruby red shoes.
  2. She acts as the heart of Lan's gang
  3. She has a nice hat she wears after the dryer at the salon broke and messed up her hair.
  4. She is one of many many female characters in the MegaMan franchises who acts as the fan favorite.
  5. There's an Easter egg in the first Battle Network game where you have Lan go to her when she behind her bed and she'll freak out and call you a pervert after she states that she's getting changed.
  6. She's a playable character in Battle Chip Challenge.