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Max Thunderman is alongside his twin sister, Phoebe Thunderman, the main protagonist of the American comedy television series The Thundermans. He is a superhero whose superpowers include Telekinesis, Heat Breath, and Freeze Breath. After years of aspiring to become a super-villain, he eventually chose to become a superhero. Max is portrayed by Jack Griffo. Max truly shines as a good character in the final season.

Why He Rocks Now

  1. Max has matured in the final season, becoming a pleasant, soft, cooperative, funny, likable and polite man.
  2. He is no longer rebellious, following the Season 3 finale, where he decides to ditch his villainy ways and finally become a superhero after Phoebe reminds him about how his friends and family mean to him. He has done more heroic things during his path of becoming a true superhero.
  3. He now learns his lesson when something backfires, and that helps make him a better person.
  4. He now does care whenever he’s in the wrong, and does his best to make up for his bad actions. He also tries not to cause any more problems on purpose, even if it means no longer being cool, which helps him grow even more.
  5. He is no longer a punching bag, as he finally gets the respect he deserves, which when considering the fact he’s become a better person for his friends and family, the respect is now well deserved.
  6. He has grown closer to his family and friends, especially Phoebe, and loves them very much.
  7. He and Phoebe have a better sibling chemistry, and he cares about her very much.
  8. He is now willing to take anyone, including Phoebe, into consideration.
  9. Because of how better people he and Phoebe have become, they now set better examples on Nora, Billy and Chloe.
  10. He is still the most likable and interesting of his now likable family.
  11. He now always puts his family ahead of what he wants.
  12. His inventions are still very impressive.
  13. He got through a depressing time when Allison dumped him in 21 Dump Street, which came the moment he saw how sad Principal Bradford became after his own breakup, seeing that Max will be as miserable if he doesn’t move on. So he moves on from his break up and goes back to being his funny and likable self, which shows some good character growth.
  14. He was at his best in "The Thunder Games". His battle with Phoebe was EPIC, and he was willing to quit from the Z Force, to defeat The Gamer, and save his family, as he loves them all very much, which lead to he and Phoebe’s twin power being featured. Thanks to his actions, Dirk Turbo was fired for his selfishness and replaced by the Thundermans, which is great considering the fact that he and his family have become better characters.
  15. Jack Griffo did a better job playing as him during Season 4.

Bad Qualities

  1. He had a bad start in the first 3 seasons.
  2. He can still be a jerk at times.
  3. He still cares too much about his looks.