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Maurice Courtelin is the main protagonist of the 1932 film Love Me Tonight. He's a Parisian tailor who was mistaken for a baron after he chases after Gilbert de Varèze for he and his customers' payments and ends up at Jeanette's castle.

He was portrayed by Maurice Chevalier.

Why He Rocks

  1. He's very attractive and charming, and has a gentleman-like personality to those around him to match. There's also a scene where he saved a deer from being shot and killed during a hunt.
  2. Maurice Chevalier did a pretty good performance.
  3. Being a tailor, he's very talented with his job and he was single-handedly able to redesign Jeanette's riding outfit within two hours.
  4. He deeply cares for his customers and is very loyal to them as shown when offers to go to Gilbert de Varèze for he and his customers' payments without hesitation or thinking about himself.
  5. He's shown to have a nice singing voice during "That's the Song of Paree" and "Mimi".
  6. His crush on Jeanette can be pretty sweet when he's not being creppy about it.