Matthew "Matt" Garth is a central character from the 1948 Howard Hawks western Red River. He's the adoptive son of Thomas Dunson and the sole survivor of an Indian massacre.

He was portrayed by Montgomery Clift as an adult in his first film role and Mickey Kuhn as a child.

Why He Rocks

  1. Montgomery Clift and Mickey Kuhn both pull off incredible performances as Matt. It's especially impressive for the former considering it's his first acting role.
  2. He's a very talented and experienced gunsman. In fact, part of his very first scene has immediately pull out his mini-gun and prepare to shoot at Dunson. Keep in mind, he was still a child at the time. Not bad for someone who had to experience a massacre.
  3. He shares excellent chemistry, and a decent relationship with his foster father, despite their constant bickering and disagreements. In fact, when Dunson got back to Matt during the climax, Matt initially didn't want to draw his gun towards him.
  4. He's just as serious and determined towards the cattle drive as Dunson, except he's more thoughtful and gentle towards the journey. For example, due to fighting in the Civil War he knows the land very well, which allowed him to come up with a shortcut going though Kansas which had good water and was less dangerous and tiring.
  5. That notable scene where he and Cherry exchange and admire each others' guns.
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