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Matilda is the 5th main protagonist of the Angry Birds franchise. She's the first female bird to be introduced into the main flock.

Why She Rocks

  1. In a similar manner to Samus Aran, she was the first female character in the flock. How neat is that?
  2. She loves nature, as seen for her affection for flowers in Angry Birds Toons.
  3. She always looks to solve problems peacefully. Despite that, she has no problem fighting the pigs.
  4. She's as strong as Bomb with her egg-laying ability.
    • She is also a great friend of Bomb, always helping him with medicines and teas to calm his explosiveness.
  5. She's a nice mother figure to the Blues.
  6. She is the kindest bird ever to be added to Angry Birds.
  7. Like Lisa, she is quite skillful at playing saxophone.
  8. She's the one who helps Red, Chuck, Bomb and Terence in the movie, being an anger management therapist in the movie.
  9. Her healing abilities in Angry Birds Epic really comes in handy, especially when fighting bosses or big enemies.

Bad Qualities

  1. While she likes cooking, she's not very good at it, as seen in the Toons episode named Cordon Bleugh!.
  2. Just like Red, Chuck and the others, Matilda got it bad in Toons' season 2, where she is an OCD overprotective Neat Freak that wants everything to be perfect.
    • She's probably at her worst in Eating Out, where she not only refuse to feed Red, Chuck and Bomb, but also eats the only food they could steal from the pigs (That being said, the three aren't really much better, since they don't even try to cook for themselves).
  3. Speaking of Toons, her egg-laying ability is nowhere to be seen in it.


  • Matilda's physical appearance seems to be based on an egg shape, due to the egg it encases inside her body. This was proven when her body would shrivel up once the egg was released; however, this feature has been removed in newer versions of Angry Birds Classic and Seasons (though the latter is due to a glitch) and in the movie (though it still happens in Angry Birds Rio).
  • Matilda, Hal, Silver, and Stella are the only birds to not have any Space counterparts.
  • Birds are impervious to eggs. If the player drops an egg on a corpse or a bird waiting their turn on the slingshot, the egg will bounce off.
  • Matilda, as well as Hal and Bubbles, are the only Plush Toys with openable beaks.
  • An early version of Matilda's toons look from the Mighty Eagle wallpaper made her look exactly like a chicken, in Summer Pignic, this is soon changed to her game sprite form.
  • In Angry Birds Classic's PC release, Matilda has a sound file where she drops the egg and her grunts. This proves more than she is a female in the early stages of the game due to the voice actor being a girl doing a grunt, however, it was seen in the trailer and got removed in the final game.
  • Originally, one of Matilda's cheeks became purple when she became a corpse to look like a black eye. However, it was redesigned to look normal yellow.