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Chillblaine at his bar.

Mark Blaine is the super-villain known as Chillblaine in CW's The Flash. He's a suave man that admires ice and coldness, and he also admires Killer Frost's powers. He debuted in the seventh season of the series.

Why He Rocks

  1. His backstory is not the most unique, but the way he dealt with being nearly drowned under ice is an interesting one. He now feels one with the cold and seemingly loves nothing more than the cold.
  2. Jon Cor portrays him exceptionally well.
  3. He had really great chemistry with Frost and even while fighting each other they had a brief moment of staring at each other with uncertainty and wanting of hidden feelings.
  4. He is incredibly intellectual and governing of keen sense.
  5. He is really hot and handsome, which can go well with his charm and wit.
  6. It's hinted that his first appearance will not be his only one, and it seems likely because he's Frost's first romantic interest.
  7. He is able to replicate Frost's ice powers with technological gloves and he nearly defeated her while fighting her with them on.
  8. He is frighteningly charming and charismatic, which is one key reason why Frost trusted him.
  9. He is like Syndrome in the sense that he created his gadgets to be something more, and in doing that he became nearly as versatile as Frost, though not entirely.
  10. He is not entirely like his comic counterpart, but he works well for the show.

Bad Qualities

  1. He is sort of a stalker to Frost, because he spied on her because he loves her powers.
  2. Perhaps the scene where he and Frost look at each other with questioning fondness can feel off to some viewers.
  3. He is slightly arrogant, but not too much.