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Mario Mario (or Mario Wilfred), or just simply Mario, is the main protagonist of the SuperMarioLogan series.

Why He Rocks

  1. He is a very sympathetic and relatable character as he tries his best to do nice things to others, but it feels like everyone pushes it away and it feels like nobody likes him.
  2. He is greedy and lazy, put he does manage to put those traits into good use for the most part.
  3. His voice acting is pretty good and memorable.
  4. He has a handful of humorous and good moments that can make the viewers chuckle.
  5. Despite acting mean, he does actually care for others around him. He even cares for Jeffy and Rosalina, despite them treating him poorly. He decided to adopt Jeffy, showing that he does care for him deep down, he just has a hard time showing it.
  6. He's also proven to be more caring than Bowser, as Mario does try to at least punish his for understandable reasons unlike Bowser, who discipline his son the wrong way.
  7. He has interesting skills and traits whenever an episode focuses on him, his different interactions with others are pretty interesting and entertaining to watch.
  8. He does have fair points when Jeffy does the wrong thing for the most part.
  9. He along with Chef Pee Pee are one of the most sympathetic and relatable characters in the series.
  10. Unlike Bowser, he pays attention to his son mostly.
  11. Though most of the characters like Rosalina, Jeffy, and sometimes Brooklyn T Guy, Bowser Junior, and Bowser seem to often be mean to him, Mario tries his best to ignore them and tries to be himself. Chef Pee Pee still finds good in him.
  12. There are a handful of times where he cares about Jeffy, like in "Jeffy's Parents" and "Zombie Jeffy".
  13. His lazy and greedy, yet sympathetic and funny personality can make him relate to others who go through the same thing he does.
  14. He is one of the most memorable characters in the series.

Bad Qualities

  1. Sometimes, he can be a greedy cheapskate for no reason.
  2. He and Chef Pee Pee slowly became the show's punching bag as it went on.
  3. He was flanderized in season 8 as he became even more of a punching as he already is and lets people walk over him for the most part. Most of the times he is greedy and lazy for no reason. Thankfully, his likability and sympathy still lives inside of him. However, his flanderization hit new lows in 2020 as his greediness is cranked up to eleven. Most notably in "Scooter's Parents" and "Mario Sells Jeffy". Thankfully, he redeemed himself in 2021.
  4. There are times where he can be unlikable, like in "Drawing Jeffy" and "Jeffy's Bathtime".