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Margo Channing is the main protagonist of the 1950 film All About Eve. She's a Broadway legend who's struggling to adjust to growing past her primetime actress years.

She was portrayed by Bette Davis.

Why She Rocks[]

  1. Bette Davis does probably one of her greatest roles as the washed-up actress, plus the role resurrected her career after her population was dying down in the late 1940s.
  2. She's a powerhouse of an actress and one of the most well-known performers of her time. In fact, it's been stated that she made her first stage appearance when she was four (She played a fairy in Midsummer Night's Dream and entered - accidentally - naked).
  3. Despite not being the title character of the movie, she probably get more focus than Eve herself. We find out her personal life is just as dramatic offstage as it is onstage. She's a very complex character considering she's insecure of herself and constant wondering she'll be doing at her current age.
  4. Despite being a total drama queen even offstage, she's not so dramatic she lets her drama life take over her reality (like a certain other actress from that same year). She's also a fairly loving and loyal woman who managed to befriend Karen Richards, and even willingly took Eve in -- of course, this was before she knew about Eve's true intentions, and even before the reveal she eventually started to get suspicious about Eve. Not to mention, willing giving up the theater to be with the love of her life.
  5. Like most of the other characters, she gets a lot of memorable and iconic lines, including her famous "bumpy night" quote displayed above.
  6. She's perfectly aware of her immature behavior, but she's also genuine enough to know when she's gone overboard and would often make amends to herself.
  7. She isn't afraid to put her foot down, particularly with Mr Fabian. She steps on a cigarette as she asks Mr Fabian if he's threatening her with legal action, implying that she'll crush him metaphorically (as she crushed the cigarette literally) if he tries legal action .

The Only Bad Quality[]

  1. As mentioned above, she's a serious drama queen, which causes tensions between herself and Bill, and herself and her friend, Karen.