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Mai Sakurajima is the lead female character in the light novel and anime "Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai".

Why she rocks

  • She's very kind and polite.
  • She's very intelligent, and overall levelheaded and a strong-willed hard worker.
  • She's very selfless, and sacrifices her life to save her boyfriend Sakuta.
  • She's sensitive and helpful, denounces rumours about Sakuta as false and helps Kaede coming back to a normal life.
  • She's playful and likes to tease Sakuta, but at the same time remains a pure-hearted person and never would do anything morally ambiguous.
  • She's an excellent cook.
  • She's very beautiful and elegant.
  • She forgives her mother in the LN despite how she was treated by her.

Bad qualities

  • At times she can be somewhat overemotional, as she's very sensitive about her hiatus and the fact her mother used her as a tool to make money easily.
  • She gets jealous easily.
  • She used to be a bit pessimistic and distrustful before meeting Sakuta.