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"Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

Tarrant Hightopp, mainly known as Mad Hatter, is the deuteragonist of Alice in Wonderland and the main protagonist of its sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass. He's the personal entertainor of the White Queen, Alice's best friend and the greatest dancer of Futherwacken in the Wonderland.

He's played by Johnny Depp.

Why he rocks

  • Even though he's crazy and a bit schizzofrenich, this dosen't prevent him from being serious or to understand something.
  • He's a great mentor to Alice and their relationship is cute, reminding the one of a brother and sister.
  • Depp does make a great performance and made the character funny and deep at the same time and way better than his one-dimensional Disney cartoon counterpart.
  • His rivalry with the Red Queen is interesting and adds depht to the character.
  • His design is unique. No other version of Alice in Wonderland had him with this physycal appearence.
  • He can get creepy and dangerous when the situtation needs it.
  • It shows that Johnny Depp can play any kind of character no matter how bizzarre they are.
  • "Curse the bloody red queen!"
  • He's really brave and badass as he's willing to deliberately insult the Red Queen even though she could make him being executed without any mercy if she wants.
  • He hates hypocrisy and lies which makes him honest
  • His complex relationship with his father makes him relatable.
  • The scene where he mocked Time with March Hare, Mallyumkin and Ceshire Cat is one of the funniest scenes of the second film.
  • He's probably one of Johnny's best characters.

Bad Qualities

  • He was a bit mean to blame the Cheisser Cat for the apparent death of his family.
  • He was more cartoon-like and childish in the sequel. However he was still enjoyable.