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"These guys are about to get a face full o' Macy!" -Macy

Macy is one of three protagonist of the independent webcomic Off Saving the World. She is a tech savvy, quick-witted, and incredibly agile anthropomorphic red fox. 

Why She Rocks

  1. She is highly intelligent, hand-crafting complicated machinery and weaponry with multiple purposes.
  2. Even when her entire world is invaded by bloodthirsty aliens, she has always kept her cheerful, peppy attitude.
  3. Instead of being just as brooding as her teammates, Nova and Talon, she only gets that way when she's bored.
  4. While albeit gross, she would eat stale bread and expired alcohol if it is necessary for her survival.
  5. Her chemistry with Nova and Talon. Their personalities bounce off one another in a solid, entertaining friendship.

Bad Qualities

  1. She openly harasses her teammate, Talon, physically and sexually.
  2. She tends to be reckless, arrogant, and suffer from a mild case of ADD.
  3. She is a way too confident inventor whose own head is usually in way over her head.


  • In a trailer released by the creator to celebrate the release of the comic, she is voiced by talented online voice-over artist Wubcake.