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Lynn L. Loud, Jr. is a 13-year-old, now 14 (as of S5) Middle student at Royal Woods Middle School, and the tritagonist of the Nickelodeon series The Loud House.

Why She Rocks!

  1. Despite this, she looks like the sports-oriented super athlete.
  2. She's tough, athletic and strong.
  3. She has a solid Relationship with her Family and cares for them deeply
  4. She cares for other people. For example, in a one-shot called Diagnosis: Loud in the comic called The Case of the Stolen Drawers, her, Lincoln and Lisa help Mr. Grouse who had something in her throat.
  5. She is the ideal person to help Lincoln defend himself against real bullies.
  6. She can be very affectionate. In some episodes, she and other sisters give Lincoln hugs. In "Job Insecurity", Lynn and Lola hug after finding out that their father's application had been accepted.
  7. She's won many sports.
  8. She can be supportive in what her siblings do and helps them out when they're in a jam. For example, her and other sisters help Lincoln and Clyde win a comic contest in "Pulp Friction".
  9. Her and Margo have a great friendship.
  10. She developed a good relationship Mr. Grouse in “Good Sports”.
  11. Her theme song, "Get Pumped", is pure heroic.
  12. She's able to know she's in the wrong.
  13. She's literally one of Nickelodeon's cutest sports girls.

Bad Qualities

  1. She has a habit of turning everything into a competition.
  2. She can be gross sometimes, she often farts and burps.
  3. She does have bit of an anger issue.
  4. She sometimes blames other for her mistakes.
  5. She often messes with Lincoln.
  6. She's quick to jump to conclusions.
  7. She mostly resorts to violence.
  8. She got jealous of Margo in "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow".
  9. She was very unlikable in the early seasons of the show.


  • She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco who also voices Lucy in the same series, Flame Princess, Lexi Bunny, Maggie Pesky, Malina, Tambry, and Viper as younger.
  • Her name is the only name out of the Loud children to have one syllable instead of two. Along with Luan, her name is also a unisex name.
  • Lynn was named after one of Chris Savino's five sisters.
    • Lynn's original design shows her with lighter brown hair, blue shorts, different socks, and a missing tooth.
    • She is right-handed.
    • In "Overnight Success", Mr. Loud calls her "Lynn Jr.", which reveals she is named after another member of the Loud family named Lynn.
    • She snores and drools at the same time while she sleeps.
    • Lynn's ideal superpower is to be able to fly for more impressive slam dunks.
    • Lynn needs good grades in order to stay on her sports teams, so Lisa tutors her in order to give her good grades.
    • Lynn, along with Luna, has more than one trophy: two according to "Making the Case", and the third according to "Hand-Me-Downer."
    • She is the only Loud sibling to have the same name as her genderbent counterpart in "One of the Boys."
    • Lynn has a similar head shape to her older sisters.
      • However, her nose is rounded like Lincoln's, rather than pointed.
    • Her name means "lake."
    • She hates when Lisa spits while she speaks, due to the latter's lisps.
    • Her main outfit is used for roller derby.
    • Lynn thought she had a crush on a boy named Francisco, but it turned out to be a delusion due to dehydration.
    • She once fell off a climbing wall and broke her tibia so badly that her bone was visible.
    • Lynn is good at math, though it was forced by her parents. However, Lisa says that she has "ample room" in her brain, which means she is not that smart.
      • However, given that Lisa is by far the smartest in the family, it is possible that she meant that Lynn's brain has more "ample room" than hers.
    • According to episode 20 of the Nick Animation Podcast, Lynn's favorite movie is Jerry Maguire.
    • According to Lynn, Lori once beat her with a loaf of bread after she either lied or mistakenly thought that there was no more bread in the house.
    • She shares her voice actress with her roommate.
      • She also voiced their male counterparts from "One of the Boys."
    • According to Lynn's Q&A:
      • She lost a thumb war to Lily, and doesn't want other people to know.
      • The one place Lynn would want to go to is the World Series.
      • Her biggest pet peeve is the designated hitter rule in baseball, which allows teams to have one player, known as the designated hitter, to bat in place of the pitcher.
    • Her parents think that she's always "aggressive" with the toilet paper roll, because they saw Cliff unravel the roll and assumed she did it.
    • Up until Season 5, she, along with Lily, was the only Loud child who attended school without any of her siblings.
    • She farts when she sneezes.
    • She claims she falls asleep to a video about a dolphin attacking a shark every night, however, she's been seen going to bed in "Space Invader" without watching the video, so she was likely just saying that to be tough.
    • When Lynn is angry, she gets a veiny neck, known as her "anger vein."
    • She has a criminal record as of "On Thin Ice."
    • Lynn is the first Loud sibling to appear in an episode without Lincoln or any of the other sisters.
    • She had a friend in Big Bear Dunes National Park, but forgets her name.
    • Up until "Schooled!", Lynn was the only Loud child to attend Royal Woods Middle School.
    • Until the events of "Hurl, Interrupted", she was afraid of throwing up due to her vomit getting up her nose and leaving a bad taste in her mouth as a young child.
    • Lincoln does not like to sit next to her in Vanzilla due to her rough games.