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"I was nobody back home. But becoming a witch is my chance to be someone."

Luz Noceda is the main protagonist of The Owl House. She is an eager teenage human of Latina descent who accidentally stumbled upon a portal to the Boiling Isles in the Demon Realm, a dimension where magical creatures are real and humans are despised and treated like lesser beings

Why She Rocks

  1. Luz is kind-hearted, outgoing, eccentric, loyal, geeky and eager to find her place in the world and be accepted for who she feels she truly is.
  2. Her dorky and bubbly and high energy is simply adorable.
  3. She's very intelligent and surprisingly introspective in spite of her occasional disobedience.
  4. Her character design is pretty cute.
  5. She's also incredibly strong, managing to easily defeat the emperor's guards and even put a decent fight against Emperor Belos himself.
  6. She's kind and compassionate towards just about everyone she meets.
  7. Throughout the series, she's proven herself to be incredibly determined.
  8. She also has a sharp tongue and isn't afraid to stand up for herself, those who cannot do so themselves or inspiring them to as seen against the likes of Amity and Boscha.
  9. Her influence ultimately helped bring out the good in Eda, King, and Amity.
  10. Her relationship with Amity grew, from enemies, to becoming friends, and then they start having a romantic lesbian relationship, which is very unique and not usually seen in kids shows.

Bad Qualities

  1. In "Young Blood, Old Souls", she goes ballistic after and becomes determined for revenge against Lilith.
  2. There are occasions where she can sometimes be reckless or oblivious.
  3. The opening scenes establish Luz as having little to no friends due to being seen as "weird". This doesn't change even when she goes to magic school with witches her age.


Luz's character was received positively. She was described by some as a teen who "aligns herself with a witch and a demon" to fulfill her dream to become a witch, and praised her character, with some calling her a "fantasy-loving human." Others praised the plotlines of episodes where Luz explored the magic school and met other witches of the same age, and the growing romantic relationship between Luz and Amity.


  • Her hobbies include making AMVs, writing, and reading fantasy novels.
  • She's lactose intolerant.
  • She's shown multiple times she's capable of drawing with nearly anything.
  • Her father has never been seen yet, a there's still no mention of what happened to him.
  • While fighting Grom, Luz successfully performed a perfectly choreographed dance routine with Amity, and given that this was not something that she had likely rehearsed before, it additionally demonstrating her strong capacity to improvise.
  • She's able to speak both English and Spanish.
  • She learned to draw by tracing over manga by Hiromu Arakawa, which is why she's so skilled at making the perfect circles needed for her glyphs to work.