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Luvbi is a character from Super Paper Mario. She was believed to be the daughter of Queen Jaydes and Grambi, but she is actually the 8th and final Pure Heart disguised as a Nimbi. At the end of the game however, she is recreated into a true Nimbi girl separating her from the White Pure Heart that saved the world.

Why She Rocks

  1. Luvbi is a metaphor for love; especially considering that her name is a pun on "love" and "Nimbi".
  2. Being the "daughter" of Queen Jaydes and Grambi; it makes sense that she is a female Nimbi considering her "mother" (Queen Jaydes) is based on Yin, and her "father" (Grambi) is based on Yang. Thus, Luvbi being based on balance.
  3. She has a very sweet personality.
  4. Luvbi's design is very cute.
  5. Similar to Squirps from Chapter 4 of said game, she is a good assist character of Chapter 7.

Bad Qualities

  1. She is very childish at times.
  2. Luvbi can be a coward at times due to the fact that she ran away from her (overprotective) "parents".