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Luna Loud is one of the Loud Sisters and one of the seven tritagonists of The Loud House.

Why She Rocks

  1. She, along with, Leni, Lucy, Lana and Lily, is one of the nicest sisters in the Loud Family, especially for her favourite little brother Lincoln.
  2. She is a kind, caring, wild, energetic, optimistic, cheerful, and friendly girl.
  3. She is a skilled guitarist, but her skills aren't only limited to just the guitar though. She also plays the drums, as well as other instruments, as seen throughout the series
  4. She's also a great songwriter as most of her songs are really catchy to listen such as "That's What Christmas Is All About", " You Got Tricked", "What Everybody Wants" and "Play It Loud".
  5. Her singing is wonderful as well.
  6. She has a very optimistic and determinative attitude as she will do anything to achieve her dreams just like her other sister Lola.
  7. She is awesomely voice-acted by her actress, Nika Futterman.
  8. Her design is very cute and cool.
  9. She also has amazing chemistry with her sister/roommate Luan.
  10. She is a lesbian and has good romantic chemistry with Sam, who is one of her fellow band members, which is great since it's rare to see well-written LGBT characters and relationships in most kids' shows.
  11. While she might be monotonous at the beginning of the show, but she got more character development as the series went on.
  12. She has a great sisterly like relationship with Lincoln.

Bad Qualities

  1. Although it's extremely rare, she sometimes can be a jerk to her family as seen in "House Music", especially when it comes to music.
  2. As mentioned in the second to last good quality, she was kind of bland and one-dimensional at the beginning of the show, but fortunately, her personality has grown and improved a lot as the show progresses.
  3. Her songs can be downright cringey to some.


  • She is the second bisexual character on Nickelodeon after Avatar Korra.
    • However unlike Korra's bisexuality being revealed at the end, Luna's was meant to be obvious in that she was seen sending a love letter to her girlfriend Sam Sharp.