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”Go Weegee!”

Luigi, or Luigi Mario is the deuteragonist of the Mario franchise, and the protagonist of the Luigi’s Mansion spin-off.

Why He Rocks

  1. Despite being player 2, Luigi has some things over Mario. Luigi is faster, can jump higher, is taller, and is overall better looking than Mario in terms of design.
  2. Luigi is very supportive. He helps Mario rescue Peach.
  3. Although he is a coward, Luigi is not afraid to risk his life to save others. He saved Mario from King Boo, and overcame his fear of ghosts.
  4. Like Mario, Luigi has many famous catchphrases, such as “Go Weegee!” being a notable example.
  5. He has a competitive demeanor. He participates in many sports and the Olympics, not being afraid to lose.
  6. Luigi is kind, cowardly, optimistic, clumsy, silly, caring, loyal, gentle, and loveable. This makes him such a great and relatable character.
  7. He would do anything to fight for others to save Mario and Peach.
  8. Speaking of Mario, Luigi has a strong brotherly love for Mario. In Paper Mario, he wrote in his diary how much he loves Mario and how much he wants to be like him.
  9. Even without Mario, he would save anyone no matter the costs. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he joined Ness and King Dedede to save everyone from Tabuu who put the universe at stake. This was the same Tabuu who overpowered Master Hand, and Luigi wasn’t afraid to fight him and save others from it.
  10. Adorable love chemistry with Daisy.
  11. Good character design.
  12. Like Mario, Luigi has the strength to lift castles. He also has fire and thunder manipulation.

Bad Qualities

  1. Despite his good traits, he can sometimes be a huge coward and can screw up, much to failure.
  2. In some of the games, he isn’t recognized by a lot of people as much as Mario.