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"I'd rather enjoy the darkness."

Lucy Loud is one of the 10 deuteragonists in The Loud House and the fifth-youngest child of the eleven children within the Loud Family in at eight years of age. Lucy is a goth girl with a tendency to suddenly appear in places, which often frightens her siblings.

Why She Rocks

  1. She is a very unique character of the bunch.
  2. She's not entirely emo, she actually has a really sweet side to her; she is not your stereotypical unlikable goth character (she's actually quite likable).
  3. Her precociousness can be cute.
  4. She is mature for her age. In fact, she might be the third most mature Loud sibling behind Lisa and Lori.
  5. Though it is not common for an eight-year-old to have knowledge on goth subculture, Lucy surprisingly does. She is also very poetic and literate for her age.
  6. Her tendency to pop out and startle people in random places is actually pretty funny. It's also funny in some episodes where she's the one to get startled (such as "Fandom Pains").
  7. Her relationship with Luan in "Head Poet's Anxiety".
  8. Despite how her roommate, Lynn Loud Jr., acts, Lucy is able to put up with her. In fact, Lynn even shows respect for her sometimes.

Bad Qualities

  1. She was unlikable in the episodes "Sleuth or Consequences" and "A Grave Mistake".
  2. Her morbid interests can get a bit disturbing at times.
  3. Her monotone voice can make her hard to take seriously at times.


  • Fans have speculated that instead of Lincoln being adopted, she could be the adopted sibling instead. The reason is because of her pale skin and black hair, in contrast to the fair skin and brown/blond hair (with the exception of Lincoln) that the rest of the family has.
  • In "The Whole Picture", Lucy is shown in her goth attire which means that she has been goth for most of her life, and she is not just going through a phase.
    • In fact, according to Lincoln in "A Grave Mistake," Lucy has been planning funerals since she was only two years old.
  • Whenever she jump-scares her siblings, either a crow caws, or an organ pipe plays.