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Luan Loud is one of the Loud Sisters and one of the seven tritagonists of The Loud House.

Why She Rocks (Pun obviously intended)

  1. She's comedy's most popular cutie.
  2. Her high-pitched laugh sounds so cute and very squeaky.
  3. Her theme song, "Luan's Laugh Parade" is very funny to listen.
  4. She is the happiest character in The Loud House franchise.
  5. Although all of her jokes and puns are annoying to her family, most of them are still very hilarious to laugh at.
  6. Despite her sadistic and ruthless attitude, she is usually very friendly and nice towards her family and friends.
  7. Even though she laughs at others misfortunes, ruthlessly pranks others and comes off as an annoyance, she still does it in a non-lethal way, which shows that she cares about others.
  8. Her happiness and girliness are so cute.
  9. She is usually one of the nicer siblings, she just gets insane every year on April Fools' Day.
  10. Similar to Pinkie Pie, She has a very positive and cheerful attitude. She is very optimistic, as she is supportive of her siblings, and especially make them laugh and feel better.
    • For example in "Head's Poet Anxiety", she sacrificed her dream and helped Lucy to take it instead.
  11. She is nicely voice acted.
  12. Her design is so so cute and adorable.
  13. She has a very adorable relationship with her roommate and sister, Luna.
  14. She has a special dream of getting to perform at the Royal Woods Theater.

Bad Qualities

  1. She had fart humor, whenever she kept farting, due to being VERY gassy.
  2. In relation to WSR#1, some of her jokes and puns can be rather unfunny.
  3. Also, some of her pranks are unfunny if not downright dangerous as seen in "April Fool's Rules" and "Fool's Paradise", but thankfully in later episode "Fool Me Twice", she got her comeuppance for that.
  4. Her romance with Benny (depending on your view) can be pure cringe.